When the Shiny Wears off.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and keep those feet moving forward. Keep taking the very next step. Keep picking up the things God has put your hand to. Keep delivering the precious treasure God has placed on the inside of you.

Often times when we are called to a new thing, a new job, a new ministry, a new assignment, there’s an excitement and even healthy doses of adrenaline that make the new things seem easy to jump into even if it’s a relatively hard calling.

And then after the excitement of the flesh fades and the adrenaline slows because the new thing has become a regular thing, the reality of how hard this thing is sets in.

And now there’s a choice to make:

1. Abandon ship because its hard, its wearing, and the spiritual warfare is in high gear

2. Press on through the hard with a supernatural grace from the throneroom of the Living God and keep going in the midst of hard

If God has called you to this thing, He will grace you with strength, power, and wisdom to keep going all the way to completion!

You may have started going to church regularly with joy and gusto, now it’s become a challenge to get out of the bed on Sunday.

Or…The Lord called you to start a prayer group, but as the months roll on, its harder to keep the commitment.

Or Possibly…You lead a bible study or community group and each week you’re unsure if you are up for leading it.

You started a thing filled with excitement and now the shiny is gone and the hard work has set in…. will you remain with your feet dug into the gravel all the way through to see it bear fruit?

Relationships start this way, shiny and exciting and then at some point there’s a season where it takes commitment to keep it going.

Marriages start with dreams and visions, and then take a deep loyalty to the covenant with God and eachother to keep going.

Parenthood is another exciting start and then at some point in the middle of the night through tears, new parents realize this calling will require deep sacrifice to do it well.

Our faith walk is the same, our destiny from God also follows a similar pattern.

There are moments when we have to move:

Past our feelings,

Past our fears,

And beyond our own strengh

To receive a supernatural oil from the Lord to keep the flame going when its threatening to grow dim.

The Lord knew this about us and He promises to be our finisher!

He also reminded us there would be times that we would have to fan the flame ourselves!

And then there’s just sheer grit and resolve to dig our feet into the good ground the Lord has set before you and say to the struggle, “My God has called me here. I will keep going. Every where my foot treads, I will have victory. I will have triumph. I will not give in. I will not stop. I will follow the leading of Holy Spirit every day of my life. When its hard, I’ll show up. When it’s scary, I’ll take courage. When I’m ridiculed, I’ll stand firm for Jesus.”

And in your choice to stand, the Lord will empower you again and again with everything you need to press on!

You will find the hard things becoming lighter and you will find Holy Spirit wisdom flooding into spaces where confusion once was. You will find a steady well of strength and living waters pouring out and you will be so glad you stuck it out even when all the newness and shiny wore off!

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are so goooood! You are calling each of us into spaces that You have prepared long ago. Lord, help us to not just start well, but also to finish well. To be people who can follow Your leading all the way to the finish line. May we take many many many souls with us on our faith journey. May people be attracted to the following of Jesus Christ as they see us run our race. May they join in and run alongside of us on the narrow path that leads to life! We recieve today Your strengh, Your JOY, Your wisdom, and Your equipping to finish well and bear much much fruit for the Kingdom of God! May You be glorified by our refusal to quit. May You be glorified by our continued yes to You and Your ways. May You be glorified by our resolve to stay kingdom minded and about the Father’s Business.

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Blessings and grit for the Kingdom!

Vanessa Lynn

4 thoughts on “When the Shiny Wears off.

  1. I certainly have changed gears several times over the last few years. Sometimes it takes me a while to realize that I ran ahead of God’s plan and chose the wrong path. Thankfully, He is right there waiting to take my hand and gently guide me back to the right path.

  2. This why we should focus on the day we are in . Looking too far ahead can be overwhelming. But as an older woman I can tell you that life doesn’t get easier after the kids get older, new life difficulties arise. So enjoy the “easy” stage and be thankful for your youth!

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