You are worthy of it all

Good Morning Gorgeous, 

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. 

A new day to rise and pour out all we have to the Risen King. 

A new day to join the chorus of heaven and sing praises to Him who sits on the throne of Heaven’s Armies.

A new day to give our highest and best to the One who gave it all for us on the cross. 

We serve a merciful, faithful, loving, generous God who will carry us through every season, every mountain high, every valley low, every disaster, and every celebration, every ordinary day, and every extraordinary day. 

He is Lord of lords, King of kings, Savior, Redeemer, Creator, Healer, Provider, Alpha, Omega, Name above all Names, everything you see has been created by Him, and He is worthy of it all. 

Worthy of all we have. 

Our most costly sacrifice. 

Our most valuable time.

Our full devotion.

Our total affection. 

Our precious possessions.

Our closest relationships.

That all would be surrendered unto Him and glorify Him. 

Our whole life can become a holy offering:

The way we love. 

The way we work.

The way we speak.

The way we dream.

The way we move in the earth.

The way we spend our time.

The way we deal with offense.

The way we deal with disappointment.

The way we deal with loss.

The way we grieve. 

The way we spend our money

The way we treat others in every area of life. 

All of this can be an act of surrender and worship unto a most Holy, Most Worthy God

I play this worship song in my home just about daily.

May you soak in it today and give a fresh declaration to Him today that He is worthy of it all. 

Dear Heavenly Father, 

Thank You Lord for being Lord of all creation and yet a personal loving God that is so gentle, so faithful that it becomes a deep desire within us to give you all. Holy Spirit help us to live in complete surrender every day. Let our lives be pleasing and holy and set apart unto You as an act of worship. 

In Jesus’s Name, 



Vanessa Lynn

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