Having a Hard time finding time to spend with the Lord?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. And all things can become new!

That thing that’s been so so hard, He can make a way.

The fear you can’t shake, He can drive it from your mind.

The anxious thoughts can be silenced.

The dry desert can be filled with life giving water.

Yet so so often, we don’t flee to the Lord as our FIRST response. Instead we fill and fill the spaces and places with things that just don’t satisfy.

And if we are completely honest, sometimes in our walk:

It’s hard to find time to be with the Lord.

It’s hard to stop the busyness of the day to get away with the Lord.

We see this in our earthly relationships too. If we are not intentional about carving out time for our relationships and protecting it, the world and all its needs will devour the time.

This past weekend my husband and I were ending an extremely busy week and the weekend was filled with activity too. We barely had any time to talk to each other throughout the week even though we both desire to be together.

Friday evening while our kids were at gym, we had a dinner date in the parking lot right outside the gym doors. We let them know where they could come find us in an emergency, and stepped out of the busy gym to a quiet space we had to creatively find!

Chuck packed up dinner and brought it up.

We sat in the stillness and quiet of the van, spoke in complete sentences without anyone interrupting. (Except the couple of times the kids did come out the gym doors.)

We ate. We laughed. We enjoyed just being together alone.

Our candlelight car dinner date

And just 30 minutes of a meal alone together in our van left us feeling more connected and recharged!

This got me thinking about our time with the Lord. How WE NEEEED it for our souls fo be healthy and whole.

We need times alone away with God so that He can heal us, comfort us, and breathe new strength into weary bones. So that He has a space to speak to us and we are positioned to hear Him.

There’s a battle raging for your attention from every direction.

And yet the very One who can address our deepest needs, fears, and issues is the LAST to be given an opportunity.

We run to everyone else but the One who holds our victory.

And often times it may be a time issue. It’s just hard to find time to step away from the busyness of life and get alone with the Lord.

Yet we MUST for the health of the relationship. Chuck and I recognized that we haven’t been intentional about finding time to be alone even to chat. And so we found a creative solution.

The same type of creativity can be used to get away with the Lord.

Find little pockets of time where you and the Lord can sneak away together.

Can you step away from colleagues during your lunch break and pray instead?

A quick walk around the block alone?

A drive to a nearby park or even a parking lot. (I’ve stopped for 15 minutes on my drive home from places, parked in a quiet corner of a parking lot, and just prayed to God.)

A step out onto a back lanai for a cup of coffee with Jesus.

The bathroom. Sometimes, I will just sit on the floor of the bathroom and pray or even read my bible.

Friends, He’s worth it! He’s worth every bit of the effort and the creativity to find time away with Him.

And the busier we get and the more challenging to find the time, the more important it is!

In this intentional seeking of the Lord, He WILL find you and comfort you, fill you, speak LIFE into your barren soul.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Be magnified in our lives. Be moved to the highest place, the highest throne, the most important seat in our lives, center stage Lord. Thank You for my hope and security in You. Thank You Lord for creative pockets of time You are showing us so that we can hear Your instructions and guidance and serve You as Faithful children.

In Jesus’s Name,


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  1. I love this truth about making time to fellowship with Him: “And the busier we get and the more challenging to find the time, the more important it is!”

    Thanks for sharing ideas of how to spend more time with our Lord in this crazy, busy life. ❤️

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