Story Saturday Post 2:  Because I knew His Character

Good Morning Gorgeous, 

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start and His mercies are BRAND new every sunrise. 

God’s eyes are upon you. 

He has good plans for you.

He has mercies to pour out into the broken parts.

Healing for the pain. 

Comfort in the loss.

Redemption for the failures.

Recovery for what’s been stolen. 

Brand new wine and new wineskins to hold it. 

My Papap and I

Have you ever drawn so close to someone that you knew how they would react in certain situations? 

Even before they spoke a word, you just knew what would come rolling of their tongue? 

You knew with such certainty the very words they would say and the heart they would have.

My grandpa was one of these people in my life. He was my ultimate hero. He was so predictable in how he would react and the words he would say. 

I lived with my grandparents off and on when I was younger. My grandpa was steadfast, loving, and could always be counted on. 

One of the longest stays we had with my grandparents was when I was in 1st grade. 

We lived with them in California for about a year while my dad finished out a prison sentence. 

During this year, there was so much JOY! 

My grandpa could be counted on to always always have a compliment on his tongue. 

Over breakfast, “Vanessa, did you know you had the prettiest grandma in the whole world?” Grandma would blush and he would smile. 

And he so sweetly noticed all the little details like if you walked by him all dressed up, you just knew what he would say! He wouldn’t miss an opportunity to say a kind word! 

So one morning I woke up early early. It was still dark. My grandpa would be getting up soon. He got ready and left for work each day when it was still dark. And something in my little 6 year old self just desired the predictable, comforting words of my Papap. That’s what I called him. 

Laying there in the dark wide awake. Papap would be up soon. He would be getting ready. My mom is still sleeping next to me. Grandma is asleep too. There’s no stirring in the house. 

Our home is small but there’s love just about bursting out of it! It’s only 2 bedrooms, one bath, and grandpa will have to walk through the living room to get to the kitchen. 

My grandparents raised 7 children in this home. Boys in the bedroom, girls in the living room. I’m sure there were plenty of challenges in that, but there’s love and safety and predictability here. The love is tangible, there are moments when it’s thick and can almost be touched. 

So as I lay in the bed, I get a great idea. I’ll put on my prettiest dress and sit on the couch waiting for grandpa to walk by. I know exactly what he will say when he sees me. 

I slip out of the bed, pull out a purple dress hand sewn by my grandma. Its covered in ruffles and lots of white lace. I quietly slip it on. Tip toe into the dark living room, click on a lamp next to the couch. Hop right onto the middle cushion of the couch. Sit up nice and straight, neatly fix my pretty dress so all the ruffles are just right and I wait…. 

I wait…. so still… so quiet… any moment now he will be walking by…. 

I hear him begin to stir and get up and get ready. The sounds are new because I’m usually still asleep when he gets up. But I wait. I wait for his predictable response. 

And then he walks by. 

Pauses right in front of the couch. The biggest, brightest smile comes across his face. 

“Oh my look at you all dressed up. Vanessa you are the prettiest girl in the whole world.” 

And he carried on right into the kitchen to have breakfast. 

The warmth filled my whole body. My grandpa saw me! He noticed my dress and he said exactly what I thought he would! I hopped back off the couch, satisfied, and changed back into my pajamas and went back to sleep. 

He never even asked me why I was up, what I was doing, or anything like that. Just paused, noticed his granddaughter’s pretty dress and went on his way. 

Why does this silly story matter? 

To my 6 year old self it represents: love, acceptance, safety, and predictability of one’s character. I knew my grandpa so well. I knew he would notice. I knew I would receive affirmation from him. I knew exactly how he would react to me being all dressed up. I could actually hear his voice in my head before he even said  the words!

And now almost 4 decades later, I know my Heavenly Father’s character. 

I know the Lord’s character, and I KNOW His heart for me. I know what breaks His heart and I know His will for my life.

I know He’s faithful. I know I can trust Him completely. I know I can give Him everything and He will bring beauty out of my surrender. 

I can hear Him speak to me even before He does. 

I have devoured His Written Word and stored it up in my heart. 

I have sat with Him in my deepest most searing pain and He has wrapped His Arms around me. 

I have watched in awe as He has redeemed the most broken parts of my life and placed my feet on solid ground after a lifetime of shifting sand. 

And JUST like I KNEW my grandfather’s voice and knew as a 6 year old EXACTLY what He would say to me all dressed up on the couch, 

I ALSO KNOW the voice of my Lord who calls me forward. 

Who has fashioned and formed me for such a time as this. 

Who has been faithful through the ages.

Whose voice is reassuring, soothing, loving, firm at times, and always coaching me forward and ahead in Him. 

Friends, the Lord’s voice is a voice worth knowing. 

His voice is one that can make every other voice grow dim and lose their grip on you. 

His voice heals, sets free, and breathes new life into dry places. 

If you’ve been hearing an angry, rushing, condemning voice that brings fear that is NOT the voice of the Lord. 

When the Lord convicts your heart, you will be led to repentance and you will feel love, relief, and a way out of sin. 

So even in His discipline, there is love. 

Our Father is a safe tower, you can flee to Him and be safe. 

And I’ve walked with Him long enough to know His character just as I knew my Papap’s. 

And I can confidently give Jesus Christ my entire life, no holding back because I trust His character. He is good, faithful, and He who started a good work in me will carry it all the way to completion. 

I encourage you today, if you don’t know the Father’s Voice. Tell Him you desire to know Him more and to be able to hear and recognize His voice. 

He will come to you and answer that type of heartfelt prayer. The more time you spend with Him, the more you’ll know Him and trust Him! 

Dear Heavenly Father, 

Reveal Your voice to the ones reading this. Help them to know Your voice more and more and more. Help them to come to revelation of Your character, Your faithfulness, Your truth, and Your mercy. Lord, let us be a people who draw so near to You and know Your character so well that we hear Your voice in EVERY situation. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Blessings and revelation of His character,

Vanessa Lynn

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