Won’t He do it!

Good Morning Gorgeous!

Wow!!! I was looking for something in my Google photos and found this gem!

This was written years ago. Before the boys came. Before Nia came.

I wrote this in a season of learning to love who God designed me to be. I was coming out of over two decades of being what everyone else wanted me to be and people pleasing to the point of not recognizing who was looking back at me in the mirror.

I was a mirror of what everyone else wanted without consulting God or myself.

And this little declaration was written as I was giving myself permission to be who God designed me to be. Many of these things I was embracing I had been told wee things that were wrong with me. Years of hearing I was flawed, broken. So this simplistic, almost childlike declaration was me coming back to the Father again with childlike faith and trusting Him with who He made me to be and where He was gonna lead me. I was giving myself permission.

Permission to dream again.

Permission to believe in my destiny again.

Permission to build a life I loved and pleased God.

Permission to say no to unhealthy expectations.

Permission to say yes to the call of God on my life.

When we get serious about loving the person God designed us to be and serious about saying YES to God first before anyone else, wow. HE Responds and changes EVERYTHING!

After writing this, God did make a way for me to foster again.

I did adopt!

I do have a large family!

These were GOD’S dreams for me and I merely stepped into HIS plans!

Step into who God made you today.

Give yourself permission to dream again!

Permission for a fresh start.

Permission to move forward and NOT look back.

Blessings and His plans to come to pass in your life!

Vanessa Lynn

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Good Morning Gorgeous


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