You are a valuable treasure! 

The Lord your God has chosen you to be His own special treasure. 

Deuteronomy 14:2

You are God’s special treasure. Treasure! Valuable, worthy, important, and treasured.

Enough with the “I am not enough”. That is a lie that must be crushed with truth. Truth that you are enough. Just as you are. Just simply you. Every single facet about yourself that you love and even those traits that  you wish were a little different are part of your special design.  All of you is enough.  You beautiful, brave, woman of the Lord are enough! You are enough even if you don’t feel beautiful, or you don’t feel brave, or you wouldn’t call yourself a woman of God. You are so beautiful and so brave and also soooo loved by GOD. All women are beautiful. We have just been lied to about what beauty is. The world’s definition of beauty is fleeting. It’s ever changing, it’s impossible to keep up with, and its founded on lies. But you, dearly loved are so beautiful. You were designed by the very Creator of the Universe. You are gorgeous. It is a truth about you, and I pray you catch a hold of that truth and let any other thoughts be crushed and exterminated.

It is exhausting and tiring and sometimes painful to try endlessly to be enough, to be pleasing, to be what every one else wants us to be, or what society has told us we ought to be.

We were never designed to be anything more than God’s perfect design. We were designed and formed by the Creator. He planned out our every detail. We have an amazing and beautiful purpose to fulfill, but one of the most important steps in stepping into our calling is to first know who we are. Who we belong to and to speak it over ourselves time and time again. “I am beautiful inside and out.” “I am enough” “I am designed by the very Lord who created the sun, stars, heaven, earth, and everything in it!” “I am a treasure.” “I am valuable.” “I am loved.” “I am loved by the Lord.”

If we speak this again and again and again, we will begin to believe it. And when we believe in our value, something powerful happens, we won’t allow others to speak lies to us, because we will know the truth. We become secure, grounded on a foundation of self worth and self care and sure of who we are. We are able to see ourselves as God sees us. He sees us as perfect, becauae He created us perfectly with every gift needed to fulfill His purposes through us.

You are wonderful, amazing, gifted, full of purpose. You were designed for a special purpose only you can fulfill. You are the design and Handiwork of the Lord. You my friend are worthy and stunningly gorgeous. Believe it today and watch your whole perspective be transformed.

Allow God to speak truth into you about who you are, and you never have to seek your worth from the world again.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for the beautiful woman reading this. Lord, tell her who she is. Show her every talent she possesses. Remind her of her exquisite beauty and show her the facets of herself that are rare and special. Show her the parts of her character and design that make her unique and full of sparkle. Lord, remind her that she is YOURS and worthy of love, acceptance, and kindness.  If anyone in her life has placed expectations on her that are unrealistic, unattainable, or not aligned to Your purpose for her, Lord speak truth into her so that she is brave enough to stop reaching for that which is painful for her. Lord, make her brave and strong enough to let go of the things that hurt her and to trust in You for her healing. Lord, breathe life and purpose into the woman reading this. Prepare her for what’s up ahead and allow her to experience You and Your Holy Spirit in a new way that she has never experienced before. Thank you Lord for loving us with an everlasting love.

In Jesus name, Amen. 

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