I am seeking total and complete freedom.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. It’s a new day to seek freedom from anything hindering you, anything preventing you from running your full race, anything holding you back, slowing you down, or keeping you captive. Today’s affirmation: I am seeking total and complete freedom. I was imagining what it looks like when we free an animal from a chain or a cage. First, the chain is unlocked or the cage is opened. Next, the animal has to notice or recognize their ability to get out of the cage that has held them captive, and lastly they have to make the choice to leave the familiar surrounding of their cage. Our personal freedom walk is similar. First, we are set free from the things that enslave us. Next, we need to recognize and walk out our freedom. But how do we go about being set free? This part is all about Jesus. The second part, the walking out your freedom is about you and your response to what Jesus has done for you. Being set free is a gift Jesus has for all who call on Him and ask Him into their heart and their lives. He is waiting for the invitation from you to come and release you from any sin, any pain, any hurt, any past experience, or any present circumstance. If you haven’t ever asked Jesus to save you, that is the brave first step. Sometimes we don’t even know what it really is that is holding us back and making us feel captive. And other times we know exactly what chains we so desperately need broken off once and for all. Today, let’s take the things we need broken off of us to the Lord. Think about the hurts, memories, unhealthy habits, patterns, fears, or anxious thoughts. Anything you need to be freed from and tell the Lord. Lord, please set me free from__________. Or Lord, break off the chain of_________. The thing about the things that enslave us is often times we also have things holding us captive that we are unaware of. Pray for those too. Lord, break off ANY THING holding me back from your perfect will for me and your plans for my God given destiny. This first step is all about asking God to come and break the chain, seeking Him in prayer, inviting Him to come and set you free. He WILL be faithful to set you free. When you seek Him with all of your heart, you will find him. When you knock, He will answer. Actually, Revelation 3: 20 tells us that He is actually knocking on our door and just waiting waiting waiting for us to fling open the door and invite Him in to save us, heal us, release us, and pour His healing balm over every single hurt. He is the chain breaker. Ask Him to come and break your chains off today.

Here’s a great song to kick start your prayers today:https://youtu.be/JGYjKR69M6U

Dear Heavenly Father, this topic is hard. It’s scary to even bring our chains to mind. Lord, release the fear. And gently set us free. Come to each and every heart and help us to pray for freedom. Help us to recognize the things that are holding us back from our destiny. Lord, clear our minds. Refresh our hearts. Set us free. Remove all chains small or big. Lord, come break our chains. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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