You are being set free from whatever is hindering your movement.

Good Morning Gorgeous, It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. You are being set free from whatever is hindering your movement. Free from the things that have slowed you down, held you captive, even tormented you at times. The One to set you free is the Lord. And one of our powerful tools to access the Lord’s healing power in our life is our Praise. When you praise, the atmosphere around you shifts and changes. It goes back to the creative power of your spoken words. Your words carry immense power. Don’t underestimate the power of every word that leaves your lips. Your words can be a healing balm or a poison that hurts immensely. Your words can create whole new relationships, new ideas, new possibilities or your words can also harm relationships, hurt and poison the atmosphere around you, or even create some of the chains that hold us captive. Think about the healing power of a kind word to a hurting friend and the destructive power of hurtful words to a friendship. You may not physically see it, but we see the powerful after effects of our words. Its a mystery to me how our words carry such great creative power, but I attribute it back to creation. If the Lord’s spoken word was so powerful that it could form galaxies, oceans, land, and animals, and we are formed in His image, then our Words have POWER in them. They are a force of change. So even more than just our spoken word, but our Praise to God carries the power to bring the power of heaven to earth and change us. Our praises create a direct connection from us to God and when you Praise God, the things coming against you have to flee. Wherever there is light, there cannot be darkness. Even in the darkest room, one switch of the light makes the darkness flee immediately. Our praise has the same effect. As you praise, the darkness flees, things inside of you heal, the atmosphere around you shifts, and chains break. Things cannot stay the same when you call on the Lord to come and set you free. As you Praise, you will experience greater freedom, greater peace, and greater clarity. Our praise is a weapon. A real weapon to completely eradicate the dark. And every time it tries to envelope you in darkness again, you praise more. If you don’t know where to start with you praise, start with your local Christian station, Pandora, or even Youtube Christian music. Turn it on every chance you get. Every chance. As you listen, you will be encouraged. As you sing, you will be changing and peace will begin to reign where unrest used to be. I am posting a powerful powerful praise song that I sang in my church over and over again. I would sing this song and pray for God to break every chain that the world had attached to me. Here’s to breaking our chains with our Praise. You Gorgeous Girl are being freed from anything that is hindering your movement.

Dear Heavenly Father,

This is hard. Bringing to mind our chains hurts. Lord, remove the fear. Remove the thoughts that tell us that we are powerless in our situations. Remove the lies that tell us then way things are, are the way they will always be. Remind us that even when we feel stuck, it is not permanent. We may be in a place of rest or learning. Lord, help us to become unstuck. Remove every chain holding us back from complete and total healing and peace and freedom. Lord, pour your healing balm over our hearts and then make us vessels of healing to others.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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