Watch the Giants Fall

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. Yesterday a song I’ve heard many times caught my attention. Francesca Battistelli’s “Watch the Giants Fall”. During the song, she is encouraging us to step into our battles boldly and claim our victory just like young David did as he brought down Goliath the Giant. So I went back this morning and re read the story in the bible.

Wow. There are so many parallels for the very giants we face today. Your giant can be anything coming against you. Anything you’ve tried to overcome. Anything you are believing a miracle for. The literal giant in the story was over 9 feet tall and he was taunting the armies of Israel. He came against them every day for 40 days and invited anyone from the Israeli army to attempt to battle him. He was fully equipped with armor, weapons, and sheer size. As he taunted the army of Israel, he also mocked God. Young David was there just to deliver bread to his brothers who were soldiers. David asked a few questions and then asked the King if he could try to fight Goliath. The king laughed at this young boy who had no formal experience as a soldier. Yet, David had something the others didn’t have. He had a boldness of faith. He had a destiny that God had already prepared for him, AND this battle was Gods. God already had the victory planned for David, David just needed to boldly step into what was already his. Also, God had been preparing David for THIS very moment. He had already been strengthened by fighting smaller battles before the giant. He told the King that he had fought off lions and saved lambs from the mouth of the lion when he was shepherding his father’s sheep. The King agreed and tried to give him armor and weapons, but instead David chose 5 stones and a slingshot. See he wanted to step into the battle the way he had already been prepared to fight. He had to do this his way even though it looked crazy to everyone watching. As David proceeded into the battlefield, he declared God victorious. He SPOKE his victory ahead of the fight. He praised God and declared the battle the Lords. And sure enough, one stone cast in faith brought down a giant that had kept the whole Israelite army trembling in fear for the previous 40 days.

We have this same ability to boldly step into battle knowing that the struggles we have faced in our past have prepared us for this very day. That the Lord doesn’t waste a single tear or a single struggle. Every small victory in the earth strengthens you and prepares you for a bigger victory. Also, we can be reminded when we face big giants, that the battle belongs to the Lord. These giants are ultimately brought down by the Lord when His people step boldly and with faith into the battlefield. If you are facing a giant today, be encouraged knowing the victory is already yours. Even if the giant has been taunting you for a long time, and you have begun to feel like it will always be there keeping you in retreat, trust that when you boldly move ahead and into it, God WILL be with you. Your giants will fall.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I pray for boldness of faith. I pray for us to speak our victory to our giants. I pray that we would be brave and courageous to face the very things that have kept us trembling in fear. I pray that just as David knew to take a slingshot and a bag of stones, that we would have divine revelation of what weapons are needed for each giant. That we would recognize that the weapons of battle may not look like the weapons of the earth. Lord, speak wisdom and boldness into us today. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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