Equipped and Strengthened

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new opportunity for you to step into your God given role. God has special plans, unique opportunities, roles and jobs just for you. You are masterfully crafted and intricately designed with special gifts and talents that are yours so that you can fulfill your God given assignments.

With each brave movement and each bold move, you are strengthened and equipped for your next role. One of David’s first roles was that of a shepherd boy. He gained skills, wisdom, and character even as he watched over his father’s sheep. That role was part of Gods unique plan for him, but it didn’t end there. God had so much more in store for him. David had to be faithful in his first role and also obedient to move into his new roles as each one presented itself. He probably never dreamed of being a giant slayer, yet his boldness of faith in that act was the catapult that moved him forward. David continued to step into each new role as God presented it. His eventual role was that of King. Yet, that wasn’t his only destiny. He also set in motion the plans for building the Lords temple. He didn’t build it, that was his son’s God given destiny. But David paved the way for that to happen. Which will lead us into another affirmation for another day, Gods promises for you are generational. They will continue on through you to your children. He has good plans for them too!

Your roles in the earth today probably look different that what they were 10 years ago. Your roles at home, your roles at work, maybe at church. And in 10 years that may look very different again. As you lean into God and ask for His guidance, He will strengthen you in your season and be preparing you for what’s next. And, then He will present opportunities for you to step into areas that are already yours. They are part of His good, good plans for you. But you have to be brave enough to accept the offer. Or bold enough to slay the giants in your way that are taunting you and keeping you in a place of fear. This takes continual prayer for clarity and wisdom because not every opportunity is God breathed. Not every role is for you. When we step into roles we were never designed to carry, the burden that is supposed to be light and easy to carry gets heavy and painful. There’s hope for that too. Just return back to prayer and ask God to exchange your heavy load for his light one. He will direct your paths and carve out the most amazing future. You were designed and equipped for THIS very day and you have special purposes today that are all yours. But the beauty is there’s even MORE ahead. God will continue to move you into your God sized dreams. He fashioned and formed you for this very day. You are a mountain mover, an earth shaker, a giant slayer, and God has beautiful plans in store for you.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Help each one of us to fulfill our God given roles in the season we are in, and help us to live with the hope and the expectation that you are preparing us for even greater things than we can fathom. Help us to rise each morning in great expectation of what You are doing in our lives today and in our future. Thank You Lord for equipping us to be able to fulfill every role and responsibility that you have entrusted to us.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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