Climb back up on the Rock

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new opportunity today to walk in the newness of the morning, to recognize the beauty all around, and to see who is right in front of you. Whether the week has been a hard one, a long one, or an easy one, slow down just a little on this Friday and breathe in deep. Breathe in peace, exhale worry. Breathe in the new morning, exhale yesterday. Breathe in power, exhale weakness. Breathe in answers and clarity, exhale confusion. Breathe in the success of the week. You accomplished alot. You rose and made it through each day handling all that needed to be done each day. You juggled many plates and you cared for others. You are braving each day as you get up and show up.

As you rise today, celebrate making it to Friday and spend a few moments climbing up on the Rock of Jesus and getting that higher perspective. This morning look at all you’ve accomplished this week and feel good knowing it all happened just one step at a time. You don’t have to do everything at once. Just one step forward at a time, and you will get all the places you need to go. You will accomplish all you need to do. Sometimes when the daily struggles and tasks are right in front of us, they seem huge and almost impossible. It’s up on the rock where we zoom out a little that things become clearer and they get put back into accurate perspective. Now as we do that this morning, probably many of the things that were huge on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday may have been handled, worked out, or crossed off. So as new things present themselves as impossible, difficult, or scary, be reminded that they often just seem that way because they are so close. Every time you find yourself facing something bigger than you or even just daily struggle, get up higher than your struggle. Climb up on the rock that is rightfully yours. You have the ability to call on the Lord at any time and He is ever present and ready to be there in your time of need. Ask Him for new perspective, creative answers and solutions, the clarity to see the bigger picture or the trust needed to take the next step even when there is only a very dim light ahead.

This morning celebrate your successful week, and keep praying in trust for the things you still need breakthrough. Take the successes and allow them to strengthen your faith that if He carried you through one valley, He will be faithful to do it again and again. As you zoom out and see all of your previous answered prayers and accomplished tasks, let that be a strengthening of your faith that He will continue to work on the other areas that you are still facing struggle.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Continually remind us that we have help when we need it. Help us to live from that higher perspective..being able to see the larger picture. Able to see what’s behind us and allowing that to be our reminder that all that is in front of us will be worked out with You delivering us time and time again.. Thank You for being our ever present help in our time of need. In Jesus name, Amen.

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