Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. God’s love is unfailing, enduring, and also relentless.

He is in pursuit of your heart. He waits patiently for us, but will also gently pursue you with whisperings, tuggings at your heart, and longings in your soul that only He can fill. We were designed by Him to be in a beautiful relationship with Him. The original design of creation was never to live afraid of God, but rather in close connection to Him. He is our source of love, wisdom, and power. He is waiting for us to turn to Him and receive His lavish love, and He is waiting for those who have already received His love to keep turning to Him and keep receiving His love.

In a relationship, we continually give and receive love. We make phone calls or send messages throughout the day. We show our affection by spending time with the people we love. It brings us great joy to be close to our loved ones. And relationships thrive on those moments of closeness. We grow closer, stronger, more unified as we spend time together. We have things to tell eachother like stories, thoughts, feelings, and our needs.

God desires a relationship that is filled with closeness, little moments of us turning to Him in prayer or conversation, and leaning into Him and being filled up with the power we need for the day. He is ready to love us lavishly if we would just come and receive again and again and again. All day long, we can lean into the love and power of God. He is just a prayer away. Closer than a text message. Just Hi Lord, I need to feel your love right now. Or Lord, I need strength for this moment. Or Lord, I’m here. I need You.

He will come to you every single time. You can trust in His Presence. When you call on Him, He will be there. He is patiently waiting for an invitation today. He has an abundance of love to give to you. He wants to fill you and keep filling you. A love that continually falls like a waterfall. Never Ending. Never Failing. Continually Pursuing you.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Help us to continually call on You to receive You love. Give us hearts that are open and ready to receive all that you have for us. Help us to be in a posture to receive your love, your wisdom, your equipping. Thank you that You supply all that we need in abundance. Please help us to be people who can open up our hearts and accept the good gifts you have for us.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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