Christmas Story Day 5

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day trust that the promises of God will prevail. When the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, he spoke to her what was going to happen. He said that she was going to conceive a son. He gave her assurance that the Lord was with her, and that her child was holy. He revealed to her that her cousin Elizabeth was also going to have a baby in her old age and he ended with…..Nothing is impossible with God.

Gorgeous girl, nothing is impossible with God. Nothing is a strong word. In my home with my kiddos, I try not to use words like never or always, and I am teaching them to be very wise in the use of absolute statements like, “I always have to clean my room.” Or “I never get to be first.” These statements are false, and when we speak like that we are forgetting all of the times we DID get to go first….

However with God, when HE uses an absolute in the Bible, you can count on it. And there are times in scripture when He uses strong, absolute language. And this is one, the Angel said.. NOTHING is impossible for God. That means that a baby who is actually the Lord Himself can be born into the earth by a young virgin. That means a barren women who has lost hope can bear a son. That means that miracles beyond fathom can and do happen. And the Lord who performed the miracles recorded in the Bible is still active in our lives today and the scripture is still true…. Nothing is impossible for God.

Whatever is on your heart this morning. Just repeat that truth again and again today… say it all day anytime you need reminder.

Nothing is impossible for God. He is working on my behalf. He does and will move mountains. Nothing is impossible for God.

Dear Heavenly Father, Help us to grab ahold of truth this morning. Nothing is impossible with You.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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