Christmas Story Day 9:

Good Morning Gorgeous Girl,

It’s a brand new day! A fresh new start! New opportunities. New things to tackle. Its Friday!!!! This is what I woke up with on my heart….” Don’t wish away today.”

Lately, the days have been loooooong. Its exactly the way this season goes. There are so many things happening at school that each of us parents and teachers alike are prepping for. Certain clothes and accessories needed each day, special lessons are planned, and projects are due. There are events planned in the evenings: plays, church events, musicals, dances, plans with friends or family. Throw in Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, and don’t forget it gets dark at like 3pm. (Or so it feels…)

Anyway…. the idea is the same. Life is busy this time of year, and so often I find myself wishing to be somewhere else other than the moment I am in..

When I drop my precious babies off at daycare, I am wishing for the afternoon to come so that I can pick them up.

When we get to work on Monday, we are often wishing for Friday.

Many of us woke up this morning wishing it were Saturday already.

Some teachers and students alike are wishing for next Friday…. 🙂

Many children and adults are all wishing for Christmas morning to come.

We are wishing…wishing…wishing…or hoping…hoping…hoping…

We are waiting in expectation for an exciting event or a much expected miracle to happen, or a breakthrough to happen….

Waiting and hoping and eagerly expecting are all good things.. However, I don’t want to miss the beauty in the here and now while I wish for tomorrow’s beauty. There is beauty in every day. There are people right in your path who need your light. As you fly this season from event to event, savor each moment. As you look expectantly ahead, don’t forget to look all around you. Left and right. There is beauty blooming in the day you are wishing would just hurry up and be over already.

Instead of wishing away today, find its flowers. Look for the treasures in each moment. And when you get to beloved Saturday morning or whatever moments your heart has been longing for…..make sure to savor them slowly and enjoy those longed for moments.

Too often we wait in expectation for a special event and then when it arrives, we forget to cherish it as we live it.

Jesus said, “Do not worry about tomorrow for today has enough trouble to worry about and tomorrow will have worries of its own.”

That is so true of worrying, and the same teaching can be used to remind us to savor the joy and beauty of each day. Instead of waiting for tomorrow’s joy, find the joy gifted to you today. There is joy to be discovered every day.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help us to see the joy that is right in front of us today. Let us shine and enjoy the very moment we have been gifted. The present. Thank you Lord for the gift of today. In Jesus name, Amen.

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