New year, newly shaped and molded heart?

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. And a beautiful new year is ahead of us. Each new dawn brings new hope. Every time the darkness is driven out by the rising sun, we are reminded that after the darkest of nights, the sun will always rise once again. If last year was a dark season, that isn’t an indicator that 2019 will also be dark. A new dawn could be right around the next bend. The sun always rises again. And a new year year is a great time to begin to look up and wait expectantly for your sunrise.

I am reading a book that I received as a Christmas gift, and I am in the final chapter. It is titled Audacious, and it is by Beth Moore. She is encouraging her readers to fall audaciously in love with Jesus while also using scripture to show that reader that we are already audaciously loved by Him.

Audacious is an awesome word. Beth Moore shares the dictionary definition as intrepidly daring, adventurous, bold, marked by originality and verve. She then breaks down each word and gives examples of Christ loving us daringly, boldly, adventurously, and with verve. She challenges her reader to step out boldly and live and love audaciously. She shares that as we fall more and more in love with Jesus, then the natural product will be a daring and courageous faith filled life.

When I personally think of the word audacious, I immediately think of audacity. I think of it in context of having the audacity to do something bold. So that is exactly how I pray that I will be shaped and molded in the coming years. I want to have the audacity to fall head over heels in love with my Savior, the audacity to claim that He loves me even more than I could ever wildly love him, and the audacity to share Him with others.

Saturday morning I wrote this prayer. I will share it with you and if you feel compelled, it can become your prayer.
It is an audacious prayer, and just to share it this morning is testing my ability to really be bold. At first, I wanted to keep it in my personal dialogue with God because it’s a vulnerable prayer right from my heart to the Lord. Yet, I believe it could be a prayer that could transform our relationship with Jesus if we prayed it and really began to allow Him to shape our heart in such an audacious, bold, and daring way:

Dear Lord, a heart after You. A heart solely beating for You. A heart that can drown out all distractions. A heart fully devoted to You. A heart aching for You. A heart that won’t stop searching and seeking until its saturated with Your truths. A heart that is driven by You, formed, molded, and lovingly sculpted by You. A heart that mirrors the One whom it was designed by. A heart that desires You above every other desire. A heart that longs to rest under the shadow of Your wings. A heart that rises to You in the morning and slumbers under Your safety in the evening. A heart that pulses and beats for You. A heart that desires to serve You, please You, and work Your love into the earth. A heart that receives from heaven and sows into the earth. A heart that loves continually. A heart that pours Your miraculous love onto others. A heart that is overflowing with the fragrant oil of the Father’s Lavish Love..that the oil of Your Love bubbles up and spills over onto everyone I either stumble across or purposefully interact with. A heart that is open to freely receive and to freely give. In Jesus name, Amen.

Gorgeous girl, we are so wildly loved by our Creator. Let us ring in the New Year expecting to fall deeper in love with Him and expecting to more deeply understand His vast and bold love for us! Happy New Year my Gorgeous friends!!! There are great things in store for you!!

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