Why Does God Sometimes Have Us Take the Long Way?

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start.. A new day to advance forward in step with God. My daily prayer is, “Lord, give me eyes to see, ears to hear, and feet that obey.”

I so desire the ways and will of God over my life. For the first time, I really trust and believe that His ways are better than mine. Our younger selves often doubt that essential truth, but then after a few failures, bumps, bruises, skinned knees, and other life lessons along the way, we realize He knows best. Fathers usually do. And if an early Father can be credited for having wisdom that we should listen to, how much more should we pay attention to the Father of all mankind? This prayer is my heart cry. Eyes to see, ears to hear, and feet that obey..I am no longer satisfied with my way of doing things. No longer satisfied with part time obedience. No longer satisfied with saying the right things, but then bailing when Holy Spirit prompts me to move. I want the full experience of serving God. The full blessing..the full abundance of His ways. The full protection that He offers. The fullness of His promises fulfilled in my life. I don’t want to miss out on anything He has set aside for me. I am accepting the land that He has laid aside for me..I am walking forward in alignment with Him just like the Israelites did when they left Egypt.

One minor detail that I didn’t write about yesterday was the first thing God did when He led them out……. As soon as He led them out, the very first thing God did was guide them toward what looked like a wrong turn. It seemed as if God was taking them the long way. And He was!

He skipped the shortest and easiest route and took the long way through the wilderness. They obediently followed Him right where He was leading.. There is no grumbling in scripture recorded here. And we know from the rest of the story that they do grumble alot and they start to question and complain as soon as they learn that Pharoah as come after them. But in this very first leading of God out of Egypt, perhaps the miracles are just so recent that they have full faith and trust that if God says take a right, we are going to take a right even if going left makes more sense.

And why did God lead them into the wilderness toward the Red Sea when there was a much faster route to their promise? God knew their hearts and how quickly their trust in Him would fail. He states right in His Word that if the Pharoah came after them, the road back to their old ways would be too easy. They would just flee right back to the percieved safety of their oppressors. God knew that, and He also knew that leading them right to the Red Sea would be their escape route. Some escape route! Backed right up against the sea doesn’t look like much of an escape route. It looks more like being backed up against a wall..

Again to the eyes of man, it would look like they were being led right to a dead end and be easy targets for capture. The Egyptians right behind them as they race toward the sea! They were going to be trapped between the sea and their enemies. The Egyptians probably thought, “This is it. We have them.” The Israelites must have thought the same thing. “This is it. They have us!” BUT GOD. He made a way when there seemed to be NO way.

He parted the Red Sea for His people to travel right through safely and under His protection. Their deliverance came because they took God’s Way and not their own. They looked to Him for guidance and went where He led them. Total trust and total obedience to God’s will sometimes leads you to a path that looks harder and longer than all the shortcuts around you.

But God knows the background details that you cannot see. He knows the hearts of every person involved in your business dealings. He knows the past, the present, and what the future holds. He knows when your doubting heart will want to flee back to something He has already worked out of your life. He knows when the long way is better for you and safer than the perceived easy road. Trust Him. Boldly pray for eyes to see where He is directing you to go. Ears to hear His instructions. And the courage to obey Him even when it’s scary.

Dear Heavenly Father,
That is our prayer this morning. Trust and obedience like the Israelites had when they first boldly marched out of Egypt like an army. We cry out for eyes that see, ears that hear, and hearts that obey.
In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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Vanessa Lynn

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