Lock Eyes with Jesus

It’s a brand new day! A fresh start. A Friday. For some it’s a day to wrap up a long work week. A day to finish up as much as possible before a rest. Pause for a moment on this Friday morning and reflect on all you have accomplished and survived from the past week. Some days were easier than others, some were hard pressed. Some moments you may have been unsure how you were going to proceed, but you made it. Hand in hand with God, you made it through a long week. Each sunrise brought new agendas, new tasks, and new worries along with carry over worries from yesterday. Yet, each sunset brought victory. Victory over that day and all that was in it. Day after day, the Lord will move you from Victory to Victory. The bible calls it Glory to Glory.
God is going to sustain you in every season. He is going to be your Victorious Right Hand from triumph to triumph.

Your triumphs may be big or small, but each success is a triumph with the Lord. On some days when you wake up and the thought of putting the feet to the floor brings great emotion: fear, anxiety, worry. Its THOSE days when you rise, move, and walk through the day, that you still triumphed! You rose even when it was hard. You showed up even when you wanted to hide. You got up when you felt like every ounce of energy went into willing your body to remove the covers of safety. These are big triumphs, don’t discount the success of getting up each day, showing up, and being there and present at whatever you are responsible for throughout the day.

Other days the triumphs may be bigger celebrations and more noticeable successes than rising out of bed. It’s on those days when you can see that all of the days that you rose up and showed up even when it was hard led to the success of this day. Don’t shrug off the great impact you have in each small obedient act.

Getting up when it’s hard, praying when it’s hard, making a phone call when it’s hard, parenting when it’s hard, being there with a friend when it’s hard, not knowing what to say, but showing up because you are needed and just being there for someone… its these acts that may feel minor and small, but piled up like little stones, they can build a large mountain of triumphs unto God. All of those seemingly small yesses each day build a life of serving God and triumphing with Him over the hard things that come our way.

Each day when you rise, it’s a new chance to say yes to God. A new day to follow Him and go where He is leading. In the story of Exodus, as He guides them out of Egypt, through the wilderness, through the Red Sea, and now through the wilderness on the other side, He is a pillar of smoke in a cloud that they are following. He moves and they move. He stays and they stay. Let our lives be like that. When God moves we move, When God stays we stay. He will deliver you from your enemies again and again. He will lead you from triumph to triumph. He will provide and sustain you each day. Keep your eyes fixed on Him each day, lock eyes with Him throughout the day, and you will be amazed at where He takes you.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Strengthen each of us for whatever lies ahead today. Help us to lean into You this morning to recieve what we need. You know each heart, each life, and each need. Strengthen us, equip us, comfort us, enable us, anoint us and help us to walk boldly into all that is ahead of us today. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Praying that this blesses you today!

Vanessa Lynn

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