Affirmations from Week Two of 2019

Goooood Morning,

Happy Sunday! What a beautiful day to lean into the truths of God over your life. As we grow in faith and trust, we can build a foundation of truth so strong that even when the storms of life are raging like a hurricane, we won’t be shaken.

You can’t build a strong foundation or fortify your home in the middle of the storm. It’s often too late then, so instead we go into survival mode. We get somewhere safe, hunker down, and wait. Those who are better fortified and better prepared often fare better both during the storm and also in the aftermath and the recovery stages.

We can fortify ourselves by building such a solid foundation of truths in our core belief system that in times of need our go to is truth that rises up from an inner pillar of strength that has been built on a solid foundation that won’t be shaken.

Speak truth over yourself. Speak it often and transform your thinking. Your words are so powerful. They can create or destroy. Use your power for the building of an inner foundation that can stand the rough waters of this life.

Here is are our week from the blog in review written as I am statements or positive Affirmations:

Vanessa Lynn

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