Be Still, and Know.

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start! Finally Friday after a week that felt eternityish… It’s cold here in Florida. Compared to the rest of the nation, we are experiencing a heatwave. But to us, it is cooooold. And the cold has extended for a week. Again, I know other places are different, but here in Florida, even in winter we usually get a few cold days followed by a day or two where the sun comes back and warms us all up again. This week has been different. Cold all week. Some people are embracing it, others like me are layering up, preheating their cars, bundling up, and just tolerating it until the glorious Florida sunshine returns. In the midst of the cold, the week has had to press on. This is my personal busiest time of the year. I am holding a stack of plates. They are in both hands, balanced on my head, and probably even stacked around me. I pray the same prayer every year from January through March. Lord, please don’t let me drop my plates. Let me carry each one well. Let me accomplish all that you have assigned to me. Help me to be strengthened and to give my best to each endeavor. Every year, the plates stay steady by His grace. April comes, and many of those plates get shelved until this crazy time next year.

God’s equipping grace is enough. Everytime. There is a way to get through tough seasons, times of struggle, seasons of worry. And the solution doesn’t make any sense in the earthly perspective. Yet, from Heaven makes all the sense. The Lord tells us to simply, “Be STILL, and KNOW that I AM God.”

That’s enough. He IS God. I am most certainly NOT, and I have to remember again and again and again, that He is in control. He is God. My role is to carry the plates that He has entrusted to me, do my part, and allow Him room in my life to do His part. The supernatural, divine part. The part where heavenly power comes to earth as I pray and trust. The part that He makes happen when I am still and I just trust in Him because He is God.

To be still before the Lord is harder than it sounds. I seriously struggle with still. I have a hard time with the Just be Still. Especially when alot is happening in a season, that is when it is hardest. There is always something I could be doing. Yet, my Lord is calling me to stillness. To pause momentarily and find rest in Him. To pause and be still before Him. To let my mind be still and to be calmed by Him. To let my to do list be still just for a little while, and often times He will handle parts of it in amazing ways. Changing meetings, having a friend offer to help, opening windows of time I wasn’t expecting to have. He really is a God who cares about every single detail.

He calls us to be still as a way to bring everything back into perspective. To remember He is in control. To see things clearly and to rest in the knowledge that we can be still and trust Him because He has called us to Know that He is God.

I imagine Him to be saying. “Relax. Be still. Stop worrying. I am God Remember! I have everything handled. You keep searching for Me and you will find Me everytime. I will give you equipping grace for every season. As you rest in Me, I will give you what you need for each new sunrise.”

God loves us. We are His chosen children sealed unto Him under the new covenant possible through the love and sacrifice of Jesus. We are now given full access to the Lord through the Holy Spirit. It is a beautiful relationship that the Lord has invited us into. As we grow in Him, and experience His goodness, He is calling us to take time to be still even when it feels like there is no time. He is calling us to seek Him and to Be Still in Him and Know He is God. Totally in control. Lord of all.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Help us to learn how to Be still and Know. Help us to replace worry with trust. Help us to replace busyness with times of rest. Help us to replace doubt with Knowing that You are God. Help us to replace our need to be in constant control with rest in the knowledge that You have already paved the way even when there seems to be no way. Lord, here we are seeking You each morning to be led, and strengthened, and filled with Your abundant provision of whatever individual need we have. Thank you for being a personal God who deeply cares for the needs of Your people. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings to you all today!!

Vanessa Lynn

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