Goooooood Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day! A fresh new start! A new day to shine and live unto the Lord.

The Lord did something very interesting when He delivered the Israelites into Jericho. He stopped the daily provision of Manna. They had eaten this bread for 40 years. The people entering the promised land were born in the desert on the journey, so they didn’t know a life without Manna. This was the Lord’s provision for them on their journey. They lived because of the Manna.

But God’s provision won’t look the same in every single season….. there will be seasons where you are fully dependent on God directly for your every need just as the Israelites were in the desert.. They ate by the very Hands of God. He was providing directly for their needs as He worked some character traits into them and other character traits out of them. They needed to learn to fully trust in The Lord. They were still learning to lean into Him and to trust Him with every area of their life.

As they move into their promise and their next season, the Lord would remain their provider, but in a different way. He was providing them with a bountiful land filled with good things to eat. This was land that was good for farming and filled with abundance. The provision looked different, but was still from God.

He was doing a new thing! Providing in a new way! They would no longer look up to the skies and receieve Manna. They would now work their promise. They would possess and cultivate the land. He was giving them a new and different provision far better than the old one.

Suppose they refused to walk into the land and take possession of what the Lord was handing over to them? When the Manna stopped, they would starve if they refused to move. And it would appear that the Lord had forgotten them. Just the opposite, the Manna stopped because they were growing and ready to move. They recognized the Lord’s words and they obeyed as they inhabited Jericho.

Gorgeous Girl, the Lord may work the same way in your life. He may provide for you in different ways during different seasons. When it may appear that His provision has ended, it may really be that He is calling you forward out of that season and into a new one filled with far better provision. He may be bringing you from Manna to abundance. When you are unsure, seek Him and He will direct your paths.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for Your provision in every season. You are our provider and our Lord. Thank You for your endless grace and loving kindness. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Just for fun! Sharing my daily cup of coffee with you this morning! ๐Ÿ™‚

Blessings and here’s to a great Thursday!

Vanessa Lynn

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