A Lesson from Life Before GPS…

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. The sky is a light blue and the darkness has been driven away by the dawn. Every sunrise is a reminder that light trumps darkness everytime. No matter the darkest of nights, the sun always rises again. So too will the Lord shine light on every dark thing that we bring before Him.

I’ve been writing about dreaming God sized dreams. Asking God to give you courage to dream new dreams, or to revive an old dream or vision that He placed on your heart long ago. Dreams are important. They give us glimpses into possiblity. Reviving a dream renews our hope again. Hope revitalizes us and energizes us to keep going. To keep fighting the good fight all the way to completion. As long as a flicker of hope remains, we are less likely to give up, to weigh our losses and quit. Where hope remains, the battle for the purposes of God continues.

I choose to continue the battle in every area of my life where I haven’t experienced full breakthrough or full completion of purpose. My hope remains that God isn’t finished yet. He will continue the good work He began in me long ago.

How do we know we are on the right paths that will lead to the fulfillment of our God driven dreams??

Do you remember what it was like to follow someone in a car to a shared destination before the invention of GPS or cell phone navigation?

If it was an unknown place to you, but the person you were following knew where to go, they would say, “Just follow me there, and I will lead the way.” As long as their car was in sight, you knew just where to go. You knew when to turn right or left because you simply followed the car in front of you.

In order to be successful at arriving at the planned destination together, you had to speed up when they sped up. Slow down when they slowed down. Stop when they stopped, go when they they did. You also had to follow close enough behind to not let any other cars come between you. This “follow the leader” driving would only work if you stayed as close to the lead car as possible, and never lost sight of them. You would have to match their speed, their actions, and be defensive to any cars who wanted to merge in between you. You have to be a very alert driver when following another car to a place you couldn’t find on your own.

If we want to arrive at our God sized dreams and purposes, we have to be able to follow God in a similar pattern. If God breathed the dream into you, then its bigger than anything you could do alone. It’s a dream that probably leaves you shaking your head and wondering, “How in the world will I ever be able to get there or do that?”

Well, you won’t get there alone. You will arrive there if you learn to allow God to be the “lead” car, and you are willing to drive behind Him close enough so that you never lose sight of Him.

So close that no other car can merge in between.

Paying such close attention to His movements that you speed up when He does.

You also slow down as He gently puts on the brakes.

You are poised and ready to slam on your breaks if He slams on His.

You are watching for His turn signal to turn right or left.

You stop when He stops, and you go when He goes.

With total trust and surrender, you follow Your Lord right into the places that He purposed for you long ago. You pick up what is Yours in Christ because He will stop along the way and fill you with everything you need for success on your journey because not only will He lead the way, but He will also be your:

Provider of everything you need externally and internally on your journey

Equipper to give you ability to handle driving in any weather

Counselor to teach you and impart wisdom

Healer to touch the wounds both old and new ones experienced along the way. He will provide the perfect divine treatment to heal your hurts from such dangerous terrain.

And of course He is so much MORE!!!

The picture here is that the closer to travel to God, the more you are able to keep the distractions out and not let things of this world get between you and your time with God, the more you will be able to keep your eyes on Him, and ultimately you will be able to follow Him right to the places He has called you into!

Gorgeous Girl, God has BIG and mighty plans for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future! Wanna go where He has planned? Wanna see the God given desires of your heart fulfilled? Surrender yourself to His leading and be prepared to travel to some amazing places!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Draw Your children close. Help us to dream with You. Revive our Hope, and give us vision and clarity to travel right behind You as You lead the way.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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