Affirmations….do they really matter?

Brave, Blessed, and Beautiful

What does picking up our crown really look like? How do we move from talking about self-love, self acceptance, rising above circumstances, grabbing a hold of our destinies and actually start to LIVE like we mean it? How do we get started?
We begin by becoming mindful of our words. The words that we speak mentally or verbally over ourselves. How we talk to ourselves carries extreme power. More power than I ever realized, until I decided to listen to how I spoke to myself inwardly and verbally. I was shocked! I was a bully. Truly, I was bullying myself and it was so often and I had been doing it for so long, I didn’t even know it. I could easily encourage a friend, speak kindly to others, see the positive side of almost any situation, yet when it came down to my personal self-talk, it was downright ugly…

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