A Treasured Gift

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start! A new day to go after the passions that the Lord has placed on your heart. A new day to rise and receive the grace and kindness of a good, good Father. A new day to move forward in the earth as one chosen by God Himself.

You have Heavenly Purposes to fulfill on this very day. Regardless of what lies on your agenda today. Whether you are scaling mountains or quietly laying low, you have purpose today. There is purpose in your coming and going. Purpose in your conversations. Purpose in your daily todo list. Purpose in the things you believe to be ordinary. Purpose all around you.

God has placed you on earth at this very time, to live out this very day, and there won’t be another day exactly like today. It has it’s very own fingerprint. This day is a beautiful gift, and every moment is precious.

Lean into Jesus. Invite Him into your day. Ask Him for help with the mundane and with the mighty mountains. Ask for revelation to see purpose in everything you do today. Even rest has a valuable purpose. Don’t discount a day just because it doesn’t feel extraordinary. Every single day is God breathed. Some days you’ll be running marathons and other days preparing for what’s to come and still other days just walking out the ordinary. They are all precious and valuable and filled with moments to treasure.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Fill our hearts with gratitude for another sunrise. Help us to walk with thankful hearts that we have been given a new day to live and new opportunities to share Your love with others. Lord, help us to recognize each day has value regardless of the agenda of the day. Help us to walk in Your purposes each and every day. Equip us for our Heavenly assignments today. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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