Grace Wins: Intro

Good Morning Gorgeous,

I posted this morning to my Facebook group, but didn’t get this here until now… sorry friends! Here is today’s message. 🙂

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start! The sky is sunny and the day is being washed in light.

Ever feel like you’ve already lost the battle before you even get out of bed?

Ever feel like you’ve blown it within the first hour?

Ever go to bed and as you fall asleep, you think over all the failures of the day?

Have you ever looked at the mountain in front of you and thought, “No way. I’ll never make it.”

Have you wanted to pursue a dream, but felt ill equipped?

Do you battle feelings of unworthiness?

There is a beautiful gift available for us to access whether we are struggling with:
A habit we just can’t seem to break
A new healthy we just can’t seem to start or keep
Feelings of unworthiness
Feelings of fear
Feelings of not being able to do the job set before us
Or any other need that we can’t accomplish by our own might.

The gift is…. grace.

It’s big, and I feel unqualified and unworthy to write about it. I am afraid that I won’t be able to articulate it well or fully.

But what I do know about grace is… I’ve experienced its beauty, its healing, its favor, and its equipping power.

God has reached down and filled me with the grace I needed to survive another day.

Grace to heal, grace to stand still, grace to move when called, and grace to step into purpose that I never could have accomplished on my own without a grace giving Father God.

And, by His grace alone I rise each day.
By His grace alone, I write
By His grace alone, I parent and teach
By His grace alone, I am who He calls me to be.

So, I will attempt to write about this beautiful grace in the coming days. It’s like a diamond with many facets and roles. It’s the medicine and strength of heaven.

And, I ordered myself this hat a week ago. Its not in yet, but I am patiently waiting for its arrival!

No matter what you’re battling today, when you trust Jesus: GRACE WINS!

Let’s dig in and access this grace so that we can declare from the mountaintops: grace wins!!!!!


Vanessa Lynn

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