Boldly Walk into the New School Year

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. New opportunities and new chances are around every bend today. The sun will rise soon, and the day will begin.

In our county, today marks a new beginning for students and teachers and those who work in schools. It’s the first day of school. A brand new year. A fresh start. Just like every day we can make a choice to turn in a new direction, this brand new school year gives students and teachers that same offering.

This year doesn’t have to look a bit like all the others. It stands alone. The best year of your career could be now. The best year of your child’s school career could be this one. Today is a clean slate, a fresh start.

Leave last year’s struggle behind.

Walk away from the disappointments of yesterday.

Stand up and let the grieving period end.

This is your new year, and it is soaking in goodness.

Rise up today, and begin to expect great things.

Lift up your head, square out your shoulders, stand up a little taller, and walk into your building with confidence.

You are equipped, chosen, and purposed for this very school year, serving these students, at such a time as this.

Whatever need you have, look to Him this year to provide.

Whatever gap you face, lean into Him and He will fill the space.

Whatever issue arises, He has the creative solution.

Whatever you find yourself facing this year, your God is bigger and mightier.

He is bigger than the storm. Mightier than the wind and waves. He is involved in the details, and desires goood, goood things for you and your students.

Lean into Him. Allow Him into your classroom by praying for your students, your families, your lessons, your coworkers, your admin, and your needs.

Invite Him in to guide you with wisdom on difficult days. Invite Him in to strengthen you when you’re weary. Invite Him in to refill your reservoir when you are depleted. Invite Him in to partner with you each day as you pour your heart into your students. Let His love flow through you and pour all over your students.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for a Holy equipping for teachers in Lee County and across America today. I pray that they rise up and go forth with confidence and excitement. I pray that they experience a strengthening for the year ahead. Lord, let peace fill our classrooms and our buildings. Let our offices and our classrooms be places where adults and children feel safe to learn and free to be themselves. Let friendships be formed, mended, and strengthened today. Let excitement pave the way for a prosperous school year. Let parents, students, and teachers share common goals for success. Lord, I pray for safety over every school, every school building, our district offices, and our busses today. Let the students and adults go forth in expectation of the best year yet!

In Jesus’s name. Amen.

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