The Beginning of my “But and Suddenly”…

Gooood Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. Every. Single. Sunrise. Is a brand new beginning. This day is a new space you’ve never walked in. It’s a new period of time you have been both gifted and entrusted with. You are here with a new day before you because God has something for you!

When we hear or read the great miracles that God performed in the bible, sometimes we may think that God used to move like that, but He doesn’t anymore. That the days of splitting the sea, closing the mouths of lions, protection from burning flames, raising to life from the dead, opening eyes and ears, and setting people free from chains…. that miracles of that magnitude were miracles of yesterday. If we believe that train of thought, then how will we muster up the type of faith needed to cast mountains right into the sea?

I believe that same miracle working God STILL moves like that!!! He still drives out demons, still heals and leaves doctors baffled, and still miraculously saves people when all hope looks lost.

Not only is HE still on the move in the earth, but after Jesus’s sacrifice, we have been given access to His power through the equipping and divine enablement of Holy Spirit. Jesus told His followers that they would be able to do even more miracles here on earth because He was returning to the Power Source, the Father, and sending the Holy Spirit to dwell inside of believers on earth!

Friends, not only do we serve a miracle working, on the move, involved Lord who answers prayers and moves mountains, BUT we also have been given access to lay hands on people and pray for healing. We have been given authority to pray and ask for our mountains to move in Jesus’s name, and then expect them to flee into the sea!

My “but and suddenly” moment came when everything in the earth said, “No. Your miracle isn’t coming.” If I looked around at circumstance and trusted my eyes, my miracle may not have come. My life today could look very different without the faith and trust and prayers that accessed power and moved things in the earth. I believe wholeheartedly that we can change tides and cast mountains into the sea when we exercise our faith muscle, and sometimes that is hard to do. When everything is dark and there isnt a sliver of light. When the giants are looming and they look bigger than you can handle. When all earthly evidence points to losing the battle……its in THIS space that God is moving. It’s in THIS space that we can choose to exercise faith and trust and the power of prayer.

And choosing faith doesn’t always come easy when fear is chasing you down and breathing down your neck.

One phone call. One phone call and my whole world stopped. I couldn’t hear clearly. I couldn’t think clearly. I stopped breathing in full breaths.

Three months earlier to the day of the phone call, my daughter was born. She was 5 pounds 3 ounces of perfection. I wasn’t there, but I just know she was already capturing nurses hearts. I learned of her birth 17 days later when I got the call at work for a baby girl who was being discharged from the hospital and needed a mommy. Just like that I went from teaching writing to picking up a new carseat on the way to the hospital.

Her birth and placement into our family was like a missing puzzle piece clicked into place. She just “fit” like she was divinely sent to us from heaven which I believe to be true.. we fell fast and hard into parenting her and I held no piece of my heart back. You see she was placed with me as my foster daughter. This could be temporary said all human reasoning. I knew that in my head, but my heart and spirit just knew this connection was special. Within a few weeks, I was asked if I was willing to adopt her because there were no relatives and no sibling placements. Of course, you already know my response…

Then, on her three month birthday came the phone call… I was driving in the car with my baby girl and my daughter who was 7 at the time. And that phone call made my whole world temporarily come crashing down…… until… ” my but and suddenly.”

It is 5:54am. I have to begin to get my kiddos ready for school…I cannot finish this post, and I promise I never intended to leave you hanging this morning, but I will finish on my next post.

What I can tell you is GOD is ever FAITHFUL!!!! And friends He STILL moves mountains. Keep praying for your, “but and suddenly” Don’t stop choosing faith over fear.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Strengthen your children Lord. We need to be strengthened and our faith to rise up and access heaven’s power. Help us to have the faith that moves mountains. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings, buts, and suddenlies!!

Vanessa Lynn

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