Exchanging our desires for God’s

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. The day is all yours and God’s. Together you and Your Lord can accomplish more than you ever envisioned was possible.

When we invite the Lord in, He shapes our plans and our visions to align to His ways and His purposes for us. He replaces our small thinking with God sized dreams that we can only fulfill by accessing God’s grace through faith.

Our own ways, our own understanding, our own thoughts and desires have to be put away and replaced with Heavenly understanding, new revelation by Holy Spirit, and desires that align with what the Lord has planned and purposed for you.

That type of exchange where we start to replace our own ways with God’s ways and when we start to desire the things of the Kingdom over the desires of the earth only happens when we place our trust in God.

When we trust that He truly has GOOD plans for us, we are more likely to submit our ways to His ways.

When we believe Him at His Word that He plans to prosper us and give us a good future and a hope, then we are more likely to turn to Him again and again and ask Him what He has to say about our steps in the earth.

Every decision we face becomes a conversation with the Lord. And to lay our control down and submit to the Lord’s design and plan for our life can be scary until we realize His ways are always better, always more fruitful, always good.

His ways are not always popular. They dont always align with what our flesh desires. They don’t always feel good at first. They don’t match current culture nor will His ways shift with the times.

He has a perfect and beautiful plan for each of us, yet because of our human nature, we sometimes go astray or we miss His voice. He is so merciful and so full of grace that even when we stumble, misstep, or go our own way He can still make beautiful things out of our mess.

You can boldly trust God today. You can begin to give Him control over things you’ve been carrying and trying to work out all by yourself. He has a better way. He can take your heavy burden and exchange it for His light one. As you trust Him more and more, there is a beautiful freedom in not having to figure it all out alone anymore.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for being a good, good Father who has good things in store for us. Lord, enable us to make the shift in our thinking from needing total control to trusting in Your leading. In Jesus’s name , Amen


Vanessa Lynn

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