Exchange with Jesus again and again and again

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to share your gifts and talents with the world. A new way to rise and spend time with Jesus allowing Him to meet every need, touch every hurting space, move you into new promised lands.

I tossed and turned and dreamed all night. They weren’t quite nightmares but strange enough to make me wake up shaking my head and needing to spend a few moments reminding myself that they weren’t real. That this fresh new morning is real and tangible and here for the enjoying!

That we can brush off yesterday, or last week, or last month, or last year with the help of Jesus. If something that is behind you keeps rearing up and trying to transport you emotionally to a past place that hurts, you can cry out to Jesus. Ask Him to help you keep your eyes completely fixed on Him as He speaks life into You. He can heal those past hurts, but I have found that in my own walk, I have been reluctant to hand the darkest spaces over. I was slow to invite Him into the really painful stuff. But when I did, He healed me. When I got tired of running from past mistakes and past hurts and finally turned to Jesus and said, “Here you go Lord. I believe You have the power to handle this mess.” He actually took it ALL. He took the yuck, the mess, the hurts, the pain and gave me a light weight, easy to carry load. And that load is my purpose. He gave me a load that is personal and just for me..a load that He chose for me long ago when He planned me and chose me for such a time as this.

If each day is burden filled and your covered in weight that feels too heavy to carry, that weight is not the plan of God for your life. I can claim that because the very words of Jesus tell us otherwise. He invites us to exchange our load for His. And it’s not a one time exchange. We can participate in exchanging loads again and again. As we walk in the world, all kinds of stuff gets piled into our load. Unrealistic expectations, painful words, disappointing experiences, traumatic experiences, commitments that overfill our calendar, mistakes, things we say yes to that weren’t part of God’s plan for us, and sometimes even religious traditions that weren’t part of the plan of Jesus. All of these things can weigh us down and slow our walk with Jesus because we can barely walk ahead while repositioning our load again and again trying to carry it all.

There is a better way. Just lay it all down at the feet of Jesus. Tell Him the things that are heavy. Ask Him to show you what is yours to carry and what needs to go. And maybe some of your load belongs to someone else. It’s a worry or an assignment that you have no control over. It’s not yours. And when we put something on our load that is outside of our circle of control, it can feel really heavy because we can’t do anything about them. Those are the things that Jesus can handle. The things that only He can work out because He needs to work in areas you can’t like hearts and minds of others. Pray those worries right out of your hands and into the Hands of Jesus.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for taking our heavy burdens and the weights of this world and replacing it with Your light and easier to carry weight. We trust You with our heavy weight today. We ask that You search us and remove anything that isnt ours to carry. Reveal creative solutions and show us how to walk in a new way renewed and light.

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  1. I am thankful he wants us to give him our burdens. When the one who has all power invites us to give him our burdens, it would make sense to do so automatically, but alas I don’t always.

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