Week in Review: Positive Affirmations

Hi Gorgeous Friends!

Here’s our week in review as positive affirmations or I am statements. Your words have creative power to change the world! Speak love, speak truth, and watch things shift. Release the lies that you are unworthy, less than enough, or flawed. You ARE worthy just as you are because Jesus has made you worthy. Speak truth often and regularly. It may sseem silly at first, but speaking truth out loud shifts your thinking, strengthens your spirit, and makes you brave and courageous. If you have children or you influence little ones in any capacity, be mindful of every word you speak to them and about them. They are listening and making silent agreements about who they are and what makes them valuable. As you speak with love to yourself, you are also teaching them to walk in truth.

Speak these aloud and often! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am loved and adored by the Lord who has crafted my every feature.

I am walking in the promise that whatever I walk through today, God will walk right beside me.

The Lord has a plan and a purpose for my life.

As I speak the truth of God’s Word over myself and others, I am creating space in the natural realm for spiritual blessings to manifest. As I speak unseen things become seen.

I am committing to speaking life giving words into my mind, body, and soul.

I am boldly proclaiming that the Lord is making all things new. He is renewing my mind and my heart to see new possibilities with Christ Jesus.

The Lord has set an abundant table just for me. I can sit with Him and enjoy His company, and He so gently pours into me His strength and His spiritual food and drink that will sustain me through anything that comes my way.

I am a carrier of the hope and healing that the world so desperately needs.

I have been entrusted with the kingdom, and I am here on Holy Assignment!

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