From upside down to right side up again!

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. The beginning of a new week starts today. So many new things are springing up right now in the midst of this global crisis. A big one begins today for Lee County Teachers. Online training for virtual instruction begins today. We are stepping into unknown waters. We are more prepared than we may realize. Technology is embedded into almost everything we do. Our students are intuitive when it comes to technology and we work hard to keep up with them.

Just like many things that happen in life, we are usually more prepared than we realize. I believe this happens because nothing takes God by surprise. He prepares us ahead of time and equips us with everything we need. We have the tools for this endeavor and we have the tools for many spiritual endeavors too. We are a prepared, equipped, favored people whom God is calling forth to be the light and salt of the earth.

This morning, as anxious thoughts creep in whether its because of the virus or if the anxiety is from all of the things the virus has seemed to touch, change, or shift, you have this power living deep inside of you to shift your thinking back to life.

When you look around today and everything is different. The stores look bare. The restaurants are closed. School is virtual. Work is remote. When you start to feel like the whole world flipped upside down, you can turn right side up and stand firm on God’s promises.

You are an empowered daughter or son filled with the Holy Spirit enabled to accomplish all that God has called you to.

He has called you for grand purpose.

He has mighty plans to prosper you and not to harm you.

He desires for you to turn to Him, trust Him, and step out of the boat that has been giving you safety. The same boat keeping you safe is also keeping you from walking on water. Imagine the way it will feel when the impossible becomes possible because Jesus is calling you out and forward.

You are strong and equipped to do hard things. You can move ahead today one step at a time. Everytime the anxious thoughts come, turn back to Jesus. Eyes locked in His, and step ahead. Don’t look down. Don’t look at the wind, the waves, or the crowd. Just lock eyes with the One who has designed you for this very moment. Shine bright, and move ahead in victory.

So even though the world feels flipped upside down, you can turn to God’s promises and flip right side up again. Do this as often as needed today. Every time you feel flipped upside down, stand back on a promise.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Hold us close. Equip us. Breathe courage right into our souls today. Give us the victory over every challenge we face today. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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