How to be Just a Sliver of Light Amidst the Darkness of Covid-19

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. And even though the evening was dark, the daybreak will make the darkness flee. Even the darkest hour has to flee when the light breaks forth. It only takes a sliver of light to chase away the dark. And the mind blowing thing about the power of light is the darker the room, the brighter even a small flicker of light appears. If a room is pitch black, even a slight light will be seen across the room.

This is precisely how Christ followers can shine in dark moments like this. These are the moments when the hope and love of Jesus can break right into the darkest hour. I saw on Facebook images of people putting hearts of all colors and shapes in their windows to spread cheer. In the normal hustle and bustle, this wouldn’t be newsworthy. Amid the dark and gloomy outlook across the globe, this small gesture is taking off like wildfire.

It only takes a little light right now to shine so bright. Be a practical, generous faith filled follower who puts action behind your words. Here are just a few thoughts of how to be a light right now.

Be in the Word asking God to give you messages of hope and encouragement for people. When we immerse ourselves in the scriptures, God reveals to us passages that are relevant to our current situation. He may put a scripture on your heart to share with a friend or to calm your own heart.

Take breaks from the media to pray and ask Jesus to fill you with peace and bold faith. Let His voice be the loudest voice you hear by intentionally turning off the others for blocks of time.

When you shop, leave extra time for ministry. Try not to be in a hurry so that you can allow others to go ahead of you. Be ready to witness or pray with someone who God lays on your heart.

Don’t wipe the shelves clean. Be generous in all you do. Be thoughtful of the people coming after you. If you are allowed to buy two packages of toilet paper per person, consider buying one instead. This may be the last package later that day that someone gets who really needed it.

Thank the cashier for being there. Just a few weeks ago before this crisis even hit, I stood behind a woman who told the cashier how awful it was to wait in line. She went on about how she didn’t like the way they remodeled the store. She complained about how much she despises even coming to this particular store. The entire transaction this woman gave the cashier a piece of her mind. And it was all things that the cashier had zero control over. When the cashier handed the woman her receipt, the woman smiled at her and said, “Have a blessed day ma’am.” Seriously! That woman may be the only encounter the cashier will have with a Christian all day and that is the witness she got. The complaining woman was not a good representative of Jesus in that moment. The good news is Jesus gives 2nd and 3rd and 4th and more chances. So if you have been like the complaining woman in the grocery, there is grace and another chance. You can choose to spread your light instead the next time you go.

Shop for an elderly person and deliver it. This is a practical, helpful way to love on others. Ask them if they have any friends who are also at risk if they go out. Share their needs with other Christians who may be willing to help.

Watch social media for needs of family and friends. Does someone have a need for something that you have? Toilet paper, canned goods, baby wipes, milk? Be generous and ready to give. This is the way to put action behind our words.

This is serious. We are ambassadors of the living God. We will account for what we did here on earth. And times like this we can act in faith and love shamelessly and wildly so that Jesus is glorified. Or we can act in fear and despair and unbelievers will wonder why they would want to follow our God anyway.

We have the opportunity and the responsibility to get on the solid rock of Jesus Christ and show others what it looks like to not be shaken. To give and to love and to encourage and to pray and to shine amidst the darkest hour.

And it all comes down to how you love! And for each of us the Holy Spirit has different assignments and different people to impact. Ask Him to show you how to love extravagantly today! Ask Him to put people on your heart to encourage or check in on. Ask Him to reveal who to pray for. We are equipped with Holy Spirit because we have unique assignments to carry out for the kingdom. We have everything we need to complete each one.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Show us how to love deeper, wider, and more powerfully than ever before. Show us where to love. Show us who to love. Show us how to spread Your love today amidst the darkness. Let the church arise and be seen so bright like a city on a hill.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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