How to walk in Victory through Covid 19

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh beginning is gifted to us each and every dawn. Even when we arise to the day in the midst of ongoing turmoil, this day still stands alone. This day still holds purpose, value, and blessing in it.

You may be rising to the same struggle as yesterday. But the victory is already yours. You can walk victoriously even before you see the breakthrough manifest. I am reading through Deuteronomy right now. That is where my bible reading plan has me, and honestly it’s a hard read. I am reading through it and some chapters are just hard to chew. The Lord is preparing His holy nation of Israel to receive what they have been promised. They have been delivered from Egypt, they have been continually disobedient to God, so they have been wandering in the desert for 40 years. Now they are getting very close to breakthrough. The promise is so close, and much of Deuteronomy is God speaking His regulations and rules for Holy living. These rules will protect them and keep them safe.

As they get closer to moving from the desert and into the actual land that has been promised to them by God, they will have to act in faith and move ahead into the land. The problem is the land is filled with fierce people. That’s what drove them back into the desert 40 years earlier. They were at the edge of breakthrough, saw the scary giants and ran back with a bad report for the people. Now God is giving them a second chance to claim their land. And what He tells them is so beautiful. He tells them that He has ALREADY delivered them into the Israelites hands.

He is telling them that BEFORE their feet have even stepped into the battlefield, they are victorious. God has already defeated the enemy. They just have to move ahead and walk it out. They have the victory already and yet they have to do their part of charging into the battlefield. They have to make a choice to partner with the victory already granted to them. Its similar to having access to a room by key code or a key, but you have to go through the motions of unlocking the door and walking through to obtain access.

Here God tells them again!

Some of our battles right now are over our minds and our emotions. Those feelings of heaviness and anxiety can be high when literally almost every part of our daily routine has shifted. There is a time of adjustment and a time of grieving over the old ways. And with this virus and all of the effects that have come surging in like a tidal wave, we don’t even have an end date for when we can resume normal activity.

But I can tell you what we DO have. We already have the victory. We already have victory over our anxiety, over our struggles, and over our fears. Many times the storms around us can be settled when we choose to partner with what Holy Spirit has already done for us and we simply walk out our victory.

But how? What does it look like?

For the Israelites, it was walking ahead even when everything inside of them desired to flee and retreat backward.

For you and me, it means looking at what our battlefield is. Is it the struggle of balancing a new normal of home and working remotely?

Is it the battle of anxiety and fears?

Is it the struggle from not being in close contact with friends that we are used to spending time with?

And when you have named your battle, hit your knees. Seriously. Take that battlefield and get before the Lord, and speak an invitation for him to come in and battle on your behalf.

He even promises to deliver you with songs of deliverance! So take Him at His Word.

It may sound like this:

Lord, This battle feels like it is too much to bear. You have called me victorious and named me courageous. Show me when to move ahead into victory. Equip my hands with the weapons I need for this particular battle. Show me how to step ahead into a new normal with peace. Help me to find creative ways to connect with the people who encourage me. Guide me into understanding of what You want me to do next. Lord, help me to partner with what You are already doing in my life. Lord, equip me to MOVE from fear and into the VICTORY that You have ALREADY established for me.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Then, get up and walk ahead.

Make a workable schedule and be open to changing it as needed.

Take breaks throughout the day to ask God for help, strength, wisdom.

Take captive every thought and replace it with truth.

When you hear your mind say:

This is all too much. You say: The Lord promised to take my heavy burdens and I can take His Light one. Lord, carry this please!

You’re losing the battle. You say: I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.

You will never get through this. You say: I am safe. I will prevail. I already have the victory!

This is impossible. You say: Nothing is impossible for God.

Friends, the Lord resides within us. We cannot fail!

Return to Him again and again, and you will find that you are victorious over every single thing warring against you today!


Vanessa Lynn

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  1. Amen. It’s indeed a blessing to know that even before we get into any difficult situation, God has already intervened for us. And yes prayer works alongside faith – stepping out in the belief that He will show up as He has promised He would.

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