When you speak Scripture, darkness trembles.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day! A fresh start. The sun has risen, and the dawn has chased away the darkness.

I write this alot: Light ALWAYS triumphs over the dark. And it only takes a glimmer of light to make an impact on the dark. The darker the room, the brighter even an ember may appear.

Jesus is the light of the whole world. He came and defeated all darkness and evil. With His last breath, He said, “It is finished.” His final breath in His human form was only the beginning of a new dawn for mankind.

The evening ends as the dawn rises, but the end of the night is only the beginning of a brand new day!

Jesus’s end to His earthly walk was the beginning of a new relationship between people and their Father God. As He took His final breath, the veil was torn in the temple. This symbolized the freedom to enter the Presence of God without a mediator or a high priest. Now mankind who was loved so preciously, so dearly, so fully, so passionately, could come before the Lord and speak to Him as Daddy, Lord, Savior, Friend, and so much more. Nothing stood in the way between the people and the Lord, and yet there was still MORE to come!

Jesus had taught that He had to leave so that the Father would send the gift of the Holy Spirit. And after the resurrection of Jesus, the baptism of the Holy Spirit came upon several hundred believers all at once. And the Holy Spirit continues to take up residence in the hearts of the believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

What does this mean for us today?

We ALREADY have full victory over EVERYTHING warring against our mind, our body, and our soul today.

The Lord broke into the dark and defeated all evil. Even death itself could not hold Jesus. And because He was resurrected, believers in Him, those who are His children by their faith will ALSO experience resurrection into heaven and the salvation of their souls. We already know how the story ends!

So if we don’t have death itself to fear because we are marked and sealed unto Christ, what is left to fear?

Nothing. Because Christ’s perfect love casts out all fear.

Now if you are like me, you do still feel fear, anxiousness, worries, and stressors.

But we have POWER, so MUCH Power within us to chase it away with the light. And the light you need is the truth. Speak the truth to the dark and watch it FLEE.

God did it when He created the Universe..The earth was void and formless. It was dark until a Spoken Word from the Lord. Words spoken by the Lord can create and frame entire universes.

But the amazing part is Jesus broke the barrier put between mankind and God caused by sin. He came to earth, conquered sin and death, and NOW through the Holy Spirit, He resides inside of us. That makes us walking, talking temples of the Lord.

Our WORDS when aligned to the truth of God’s Word also create spaces, change the atmosphere, break chains, and cause darkness to tremble and flee!

So you can speak right into your darkness and you can EXPECT it to pack up and flee from you.

You can rise amidst the darkest chaos of this virus and speak truth right in the face of every dark part.

I found myself doing this yesterday morning and God faithfully arrived. I shared with you all how I was feeling. I was tempted to board the train of self defeating thoughts. That’s my choice ticket of darkness. Yours may be anxious thoughts, worries, what ifs, doubts, unworthiness. Whatever your darkness is, you DON’T have to board the train!

These are the very battles against our soul that Jesus died to make us victorious over! He said that He came to give us life and life more abundantly.

He doesn’t just mean heaven later. He means power and victory now even while our feet are still on this side of heaven.

Spoken Truth, prayer, and worship will send the darkness away every time.

And I know it’s a battle. A real spiritual battle.

I fought it yesterday, and I won. That doesn’t mean I’ll never have to battle again. This is sometimes a daily battle, but with God, we can have victory everytime.

We sing a song in church that says, “He’s never lost a battle. He can do all things, but fail.”

And when You call on Him and speak His promises, He will come and battle on your behalf and you will never lose a battle.

Here are some scriptures and truths to speak right into the dark:

If God is for me, what could possibly be against?

I serve an all knowing, all powerful compassionate Father who knows my every struggle. When I call on His name, He is faithful to show up.

Perfect love casts out ALL fear.

I am clothed and covered by the name of Jesus. No fire can burn me.

I am a co-heir with Christ Jesus. I am fighting in the earth from a seat of victory.

I am not battling FOR victory, I am battling FROM victory.

I already have access to everything I need because of Christ.

He tore down every barrier between God and me so that I can be in a close relationship with Him.

He loves me so much that He died for me. My every hair is numbered.

I matter to the Lord. I am valuable and worthy and adored by Him.

If the Lord who designed all of creation and everything in it is for me, what can possibly be against me?

Friends, stand up tall today, and speak the battle language that makes demons tremble. Let the scriptures be on your tongue. There is Power in the Word of God and when you speak Jesus or His Word, darkness runs.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Teach us to walk in the victory you have already given to us. Show us how to battle the spiritual realm that wars against our will and our emotions. Help us to step into the battlefield equipped with Your Word and come out victorious in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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  1. Such a great word!! Singing the song tremble this week and thinking about how darkness flees just at the sound and of the name of Jesus! Jesus is the one who is greater in us than he that is in the world!! 🙂

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