Divine Appointments and Assignments

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and just move, move, move.

Some days this forward movement will have great force behind it. You will experience breakthrough in an area. You may battle a fear, and win. You may finally stop or start a habit. You may walk through a God formed open door.

Other days, forward movement looks like prayer even when it’s hard to find words. It’s putting two feet on the floor when you’d rather not. It’s saying yes to even the tiniest assignment by Holy Spirit.

Every single day is a fresh God breathed opportunity to serve God with all we’ve got. And our best will look different from day to day. There will be days that end in all out victory for the kingdom. Where you stepped out of your comfort zone, and followed prompting of Holy Spirit, and you encouraged someone, prayed with someone, or shared your faith.

Other days your very best is simply leaning into God and saying, “I’m all Yours. Let Your will be done as You sanctify my heart.”

There are days where your best is simply trusting Him enough to run into His arms.

And others, your best is all out service with your hands and feet out in the world impacting others for the kingdom of Christ.

And some days, this Christ Walk, is both. We flee to Jesus with our own desperate pleas, and He meets every need. Then, we find ourselves later encouraging someone else with His Word, His hope, a listening ear, or prayer.

As you rise today, view this day as divine, supernatural, and filled with God appointments and assignments. Some days it may be appointments with just you and the Lord. Other days, you’ve got work assigned to you by Holy Spirit.

Live with the eyes on the truth that EVERY day is given by God. Every day is a gift. Every day is a chance to dine with God. Live with God. Live for God. And move empowered by God.

Rise today and ask God, “Appointments with You?

Assignments from You?

Or both?”

If you listen closely, most days its probably both.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help us to move ahead with You each day. Recognizing our need to spend time with You, and learning to hear Your voice so we can carry out assignments you put on our heart. Let us live with a perspective that every day is God breathed and filled with divine value and opportunity.

In Jesus’s name, Amen..

4 thoughts on “Divine Appointments and Assignments

  1. Amen. These are key words filled with hope!. Some days, all we really need do is to trust – trusting Him that He will make the seemingly difficult NOW a TESTIMONY. Hence we keep moving on. 🙂
    Thanks ma’am. ❤
    Saying hi to the family. 🤗

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