God Desires to be in EVERY detail, even Puppies!

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. And each and every day is a new chance to invite the Lord into the details.

Often times, people will turn to the wisdom of the Lord in the big decisions of their life. You’ll hear people speak of listening for God’s voice and confirmation when they are about to make a big decision such as aaccepting a new job, quitting an old one, buying a house, moving to another state or across the city, or any number of other “big” life decisions.

We know God cares about our lives and we seek Him for the decisions that will make the most impact if we “get them wrong” so we pray, “Lord if this is Your will for my life, show me. Send me a sign or confirmation. Shut the door if its not meant to be.”

But what about having such a lifestyle of prayer that God is invited into every detail, even the seemingly “small” ones.

I think sometimes we view God as uninterested in our details or we can’t imagine bringing requests and prayers before Him that are just about day to day living. But, that is EXACTLY the relationship, He desires from us.

Deep, daily communion that involves dining with God, conversing with God, listening for God, being calmed and soothed by God, and walking step by step with Him is what our walk with Him was designed to look like.

Humans were created to be in fellowship with their Creator. We are made for worship and talking with God. And the fact that God knows the very number of hairs on our head, demonstrates His care for every detail. Every part large or small. What He wants is a relationship where you share everything with Him.

Our family is making the big decision about whether or not this is the time to adopt a puppy. And if so, which one. I have been doing tons of research and leaning towards a goldendoodle. God clearly shut every door from here to South Carolina. I am on waiting lists and have completed tons of applications. I haven’t owned a dog in a long time, and didn’t realize how much was involved in even getting one.

Anyway, in being open and totally transparent with you, I jumped into searching for a puppy without much talking to Jesus. I started looking and was ready to decide without much prayer. When each puppy door shut, I realized…”Have I brought this to the Lord?”

So I did what I should have done in the very beginning. Handed it over. Prayed that He would lead the way. Asked that He would choose the puppy. I prayed that He would take control once again! I repented for running ahead of Him. And He so faithfully forgave me and then so very clearly seems to have led me to the perfect puppy. The crazy part is the puppy doesn’t have every quality that I thought I was looking for when I was searching without God, yet there is a gentle peace that this little guy is right.

Not only is he the only one available in three states, but his owner is extremely kind. She has been patient with my zillion questions, and is holding him this morning so I can pray before I decide fully.

So, every detail friends. Every detail matters to Him. We see in the Old Testament, His commitment to detail when He gave instructions for the temple. He outlined every, little detail so clearly, so intricately.

We see His commitment to detail in all of creation. The design of a butterfly, a peacock, the vast creatures of the sea, the design of humans, the flowers, birds, and even the weeds have intricate designs!

We serve a God who could tell you the exact numbers of hairs on your head AND He wants to direct your paths. All of them!

Here is a pic of our “maybe baby”.

I am planning to post this, talk to the Lord a bit more, and follow His prompting. Already, just the fact that I found this sweet puppy AFTER I turned to God for advice, gives me a good indication that He is a sweet blessing straight from the Father.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help us to remember YOU at every twist and turn. Help us to call on You for EVERY decision whether we regard it as big or small. Lord, draw us so close, and speak clearly to us. Give us ears that hear, eyes that see, feet that obey! In Jesus’s name, Amen

9 thoughts on “God Desires to be in EVERY detail, even Puppies!

  1. I give my strongest recommendation to getting a Goldendoodle! Our Violet is a 2 year female and is the sweetest, smartest (I know i’m a bit biased) ever! And the no shedding part is a nice perk too!
    Pastor Chuck
    PS: I’m still having trouble uploading my own pictures. If you want to go to my Facebook page you can see our precious, and large, puppy. Vi is a standard, weighing just under 70 pounds.
    I have included a link to one of my blogs about dogs. The picture I used is almost exactly what our Violet looks like


    1. Yay!!!! Thank you for this! I am so excited to own a goldendoodle. I had a Golden Retriever when I was a child, and I have carried that sweet dog in my heart ever since. He was so loyal and so loving. Your dog is precious! I love the black hair! So pretty! Ours is a standard as well. He will be a big boy, and we are happy about that. 🙂 God is sooo goood!

    1. Yes! We’ve been waiting and waiting until the kids were out of the baby stages. And so, it’s time! Our kids really need a dog to play and love on! And we are hoping that our dog will love the water because we spend so much time swimming and at the beach. So fingers crossed our boy loves those things too!

  2. Yay!. God indeed comes through for us. I love that you got to ask Him. And grateful He came opening up THE door!. 💃

    Smiles. May we walk with Him closely and take each step in His. Amen. 🙏
    Thanks for sharing ma’am. 🤗
    Have you decided on it yet?.

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