A Very Real Battle

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and walk in victory.

There is a very real part to our walk with Christ that isn’t very popular to talk about.

We are in the middle of a VERY real battle. We are warriors for the kingdom of God, and there is a very real enemy of our souls.

God has preplanned you, fashioned you, formed and designed you for goood things. He has a plan for your life that includes victory, prosperity, and fullness.

Look at these two promises. One from the Old Testament directly from the Father. And the other from the New Testament directly from Jesus, the Lord incarnate.

Those promises make us want to jump and shout. They are true and REAL and they are FOR YOU!

Old Testament Promise:

New Testament Promise:

THOSE ARE God’s plans and promises!

There is another plan vying for your life. It is dark and the polar opposite of God’s gooood and perfect plans for you. Jesus said it right there in that promise: the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

There is a battle for your life. There is an enemy who wants to prevent you from receiving all God has planned for you. An enemy who wants to stop you in your tracks.

An enemy who is first after each human’s salvation, and then when you give your life to Christ, he is powerless against that. You are sealed, marked, redeemed, and set apart unto the Lord.

So now, since you have secure salvation, he will seek to devour your effectiveness. He will look to stop your power. He will try to stop you from receiving the fullness of your inheritance which is abundant life and access to heaven’s power here and now while your feet are on planet earth.

The part of all of this that you HAVE to get ahold of to claim full victory is you don’t have to FEAR the enemy. He has no power over you. None. He has already been defeated by Jesus at the cross, and when you are in Christ, you have the inheritance of power that allows you to be victorious over the schemes of the enemy. Look at this beautiful promise about our POWER. It’s longer than one verse, but read the whole thing. This is Paul speaking to believers:

Did you catch Paul’s message? The Lord has given you an incredible inheritance of POWER. He says we have the same power that raised Christ from the dead, far above all rule and authority, power and dominion.

Wow!!!! You, yes you!!! Whether you FEEL empowered or not, you are empowered because of Christ!

When you choose to make Christ the Lord of your life, you have access to power as part of your holy inheritance. So often we think of what Jesus did for us in terms of salvation only. Salvation is a huge, amazing, beautiful part yes!

But He also sends power NOW so that we can effectively battle in the here and now and brings heaven’s power to earth. This is so that we can live victoriously AND so that we are able to reach lost souls and bring them to salvation. The power has purpose.

We stumble and we fall only when we fail to exercise the power we have from Christ. We have been given a holy inheritance of the Holy Spirit that fights our battles and dwells inside of us. We are walking temples of Christ meaning everything He has defeated, we also have power to defeat.

I have written extensively about our heavenly weapons of Prayer, the Word, and Praise.

But I haven’t written much about the force that you are battling against. It’s a battle against the spiritual, and because it’s a spiritual battle, your weapons must be spiritual weapons.

The unseen forces are NO match for a child of God who knows their inheritance of power directly from the King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

You are full of power, but if you are not aware of the power you possess or how to exercise your power, you may be missing a very important part of your battle gear as you navigate through your walk in the earth.

The power that lives in you is Christ Himself in Spirit Form: the Holy Spirit.

And this is the miracle that happened when Jesus ascended to heaven. He took His rightful place at the right hand of the Father and He sent His Holy Spirit as a gift to all believers who confessed Jesus as their Lord.

And because of HOLY spirit residing on the inside of you, you are an empowered child of the Living God destined to walk upright and to gain victory over sin, sickness, pain, wounds from the past, the battle of the mind, and any other fiery arrow the enemy forms against you. The arrows may be formed. They may even get sent, but they WILL NOT prosper or take hold against you.

The Lord Promises these things, and I choose to partner with His Word in faith and to contend for them. Even when my eyes don’t see victory, I will continue to battle for victory. I will walk knowing I have the answer to every problem living on the inside of me because of Christ and the Power of Holy Spirit!

And when I have NO idea what to do or what to say, I will turn right back to the Lord and He will come rushing to my side in battle.

So when forces of this world come against you, recognize that it is evil at work in a fallen world. This will remind you to battle in the way Jesus battled.

Instead of trying to battle with earthly weapons that will fail you, turn to your spiritual arsenal: prayer, praise, time in the Word.

Submit to the power living on the inside of you: Holy Spirit. So that you can effectively do and be all that God has planned for you.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Come and boldly empower us. Teach us to recognize the schemes of the enemy and fight back with Your power and not ours. Teach us to flee to our prayer closets instead of the phone lines. Teach us to open our Bibles fervently and often. Teach us to praise chains right off of our bodies. Teach us to recognize the power of the Holy Spirit and work with Your power instead of against it. Lord, teach us to walk like You, love like You, and even battle like You.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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