The Navy Ribbon

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and walk in the paths that the Lord has so graciously set for you.

If you ever feel forgotten, left behind, less than, unworthy, or not enough, remember the God of the Universe chose you, preplanned you, formed you for a beautiful purpose. He has good plans for you.

Not only did he choose you, but he also redeemed and bought your salvation at a high price. You are valuable and worthy because of Christ and His immovable love for you.

Yesterday, I shared with you about our desire to adopt a puppy. I prayed and felt peace about the little guy I shared with you yesterday. Previously, I had been trying to find the perfect dog for our family with no success. When I handed it over to God in prayer like I should have from the start, He led me straight to this little guy. So with great excitement and thankfulness to God, I said yes to the sweet puppy I wrote about yesterday!! The woman’s reply back to my yes was even more confirmation. She messaged me:

Fantastic! He is a lucky boy! I’ve never felt better about placing a puppy!

So…….. I am brand new to all of this puppy buying process, and there are alot of puppies in this litter, alot. My little guy was the very last puppy in the litter to be assigned to a family. I kept wondering how she would know that this little boy was mine. How in the midst of 10 or so puppies which are all the EXACT same color, would she know whose puppy was whose?

I didn’t wait long to find out! After I said yes, she sent me a NEW picture of my puppy! He was now sporting a new adornment. He had a navy ribbon around his neck. This ribbon serves a purpose. This ribbon means he is adopted. He is claimed. He is now part of a family eagerly waiting for the appointed time to bring him home.

I saw that ribbon and I am serious, I immediately, immediately thought of Christ. I thought of how He chose us for Himself since the beginning of time. He had a good plan for each of us. And when we choose to put our trust in Him. When we believe in His son Jesus who left His seat in heaven to put on flesh and walk among us so that He could purchase His children with His own blood. When we believe in Him with our whole heart, we are also marked, sealed, redeemed, and our status changes to sonship. Our adoption and sonship is sealed by the Holy Spirit who now dwells in us! We become the very temple of Christ. He chooses to live in us and work through us.

So, as I gaze as my puppy and his little navy necklace marking him as mine, I think of how the Lord also marks us as His.

And when we are marked, we are secure. We have all of heaven backing our movement in the earth when we are aligned to the will of God. We have access to inheritance and power even BEFORE we are welcomed into heaven. Because of Holy Spirit residing on the inside of us, we have the right to exercise our authority against the dark and bring heaven’s order to earth in the here and now.

So today walk and talk like a redeemed, signed, sealed child of a Living God who is passionate about you and your destiny. Spend time talking to Him about His good plans for your life. Thank Him for the free gift of salvation that was bought with the blood of God Himself.

And one more sweet puppy picture just for fun! My baby who now wears a navy ribbon because he is part of a family anxiously waiting for him!!!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for choosing us. Thank You for paying the highest price so that we could commune with You and walk in step with You. Thank You for removing the veil that was between us. Thank You for Your mighty plan of redemption for Your People. Thank You for marking us as Your Own! Thank You for the power and seal of the HOLY Spirit alive within us. You are a gooood, goooood Father!

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings to all of you!

Vanessa Lynn

6 thoughts on “The Navy Ribbon

  1. What a very sweet and loving story of not only your precious puppy but of how precious we are in God’s sight. I love this picture of how He marked me for His own, just like your puppy is marked as yours. I’m so glad I read this! Thank you, Vanessa!

  2. Smiles. I love your share of this. ❤
    Yess…. Welcome to the family boy. 💃

    We are chosen and marked His.
    Reminds me of “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” and Galatians 6:17. 🙌

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