My Power is made Strong in your Weakness

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. I woke up with this verse on my heart.

As I sat to write, these words flowed. I pray they give you a fresh peace this morning as they have done for me.

Today is a new dawn to lean into Me and allow Me to be Your strong tower.

A new day to trust me to move in ways only I can.

A new day to flee into my loving arms and find refuge and safety.

A new day to be refreshed by the hope and faith that the tides will turn.

A new day to walk and talk like the victory has already happened.

A new day to return to Me and place me first in all things.

A new day to love others as I love them.

A new day to search the scriptures and find me there talking with you.

A new day to enter my Presence and let Me touch every single hurt, worry, disappointment, or need with healing balm and holy provision.

A new day to release all you are carrying. It’s heavy and I didn’t design you to carry such a heavy burden. That’s mine. Please bravely hand it to Me. I promise to carry it and deal with each item according to kingdom principles.

A new day for you to laugh and feel joy. My joy that I have gifted to you. My joy that can be accessed even in the darkest hour. My joy is not dependent on outside circumstance, but rather a closeness of your heart and mine.

A new day to let me be Your Lord and you step into the role of trusting child. I will care for you. I will tend to you. I will meet your needs like a good good Father.

Today is a new day. A new chance to live out your faith and move from speaking to experiencing all I have made available to you through the cross.

You are a treasured child of the King over all Creation. You have holy access to Me because of Jesus. Talk with Me today. I desire to hear your sweet voice. I desire to spend time with you my child. I desire to show you the ways of the kingdom. They are counter to this world. But behold, they are the way to abundant living.

Gorgeous Friends, Walk in that truth today. Soak yourself in Jesus. He has all you need!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for these beautiful reassurances You have placed on my heart. Let Your love get deep into the fibers of our being. Open our hearts to a fresh touch of Your love. Refresh us with Your Presence. Remind us who we are in Christ and whose we are.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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