Have you experienced a surprise enemy attack?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. I had a blog post topic planned for today. It’s something burning in my heart and setting my feet ablaze to move, yet in the last two days something else has come up. So that topic will wait.

For 2 days, I have been in battle, and I am tired. I have felt the stages of grief. I have prayed. I have reached out to a close friend for counsel. I can feel the attack of the enemy against my family.

And I believe the attack may be timed to counter the new growth and boldness that I have experienced in Christ that I was going to share today. I am not going to stop moving in Christ. I am not going to fear growing up in Him. I am not going to fear spreading the gospel. Yet, I do believe this attack is timed to attempt to cause me to slow my growth in Christ. Yet, what the enemy miscalculated is that it is only drawing me closer to my Savior, not away.

Have you ever encountered this type of attack? One where you feel so close to Jesus and things seem to be clear and forward movement is happening in your life, and then a blow comes from left field?

I believe it happens to many believers right after we give our life to Christ. And then sometimes again each time we experience supernatural growth. It’s like we get the attention of the enemy when we start to advance the kingdom. He notices the new power in us and wants to put that fire out and quickly.

This is when Jesus was tempted as well. Right after He was baptized and His ministry was about to begin, He was led into the wilderness to be tempted. And He overcame and won the battle!

I am studying spiritual warfare with a close group of friends. We are right in the middle of an 8 week study by Pastor Tony Evans. I don’t feel equipped enough yet to teach much about the battle except to assure you that we ARE in a battle every day. The things that you experience with your 5 senses in the natural or seen realm are manifestations of battles won or lost in the unseen spiritual realm.

This is not something to fear, for there is no fear in Christ. He is perfect love and love casts out all fear.

But to have knowledge of the battle brings about power. Power to reach into our spiritual arsenal and wage war with weapons straight from heaven. I have written extensively about our weapons of war. I just haven’t written alot about the enemy that we wage war against. By knowing his tactics, we can recognize an attack and fight back by the power of Christ. When we know that the battle is spiritual, we can battle appropriately and walk in victory time and time again.

Our strongest weapons don’t look anything like the weapons of the world. They are prayer, praise and worship, time in the Word, and fasting.

By fleeing to the Lord and allowing Him to equip you for battle and give you battle instructions, you can rest assured that you will walk in freedom and victory. It is essential to know your Commander Jesus because His instructions for each attack are varied. Sometimes He will give you instructions to advance. Others He will go ahead and battle on your behalf. And others He may give you instructions that don’t make complete sense, but you just have to move in faith to see the mountain move or the walls fall!

So often people question why the Old Testament is so bloody and filled with so much war. One takeaway I have received from all of the battles that the Israelites fought were that God gave different instructions for different battles and the closer the people walked with God, the more able they were to receive proper instructions for victory. For the battle at Jericho, they marched around the city for days blowing their horns at an appointed time. For the battle of Elisha against the Aramaen army, a whole host of Heavenly Reinforcements showed up in the hills. For the battle against Jehoshaphat, the people fasted and worshipped their way to victory!

Here are posts about each of these battles! You can click on the titles:

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These are just three examples of how God equips His people for battle. All three include faith and trust in God. Every single victory in your life will include trusting in God. That is how we will move mountains, see the seas split before our eyes, and move into new territory.

I needed a refreshing this morning to battle again today. The battle I am in is not over yet I am already claiming victory because I know that I serve an all powerful, all knowing God who is mighty to save. I know that as I draw close to Him, He has battle instructions for me. He will tell me when to move and when to be still. He will give Holy, heavenly instructions and through my trust and obedience, I will experience full triumph for my family.

We are never, ever, ever left alone in the battlefield. I pray that when you find yourself knocked down by a surprise attack like me, you flee right to the arms of Jesus. There you will receive Holy armor, Holy instructions, and Holy help. No battle that you face is yours alone. The battle is the Lord’s. And that is freeing and comforting.

Today, I will talk to my Father. I will praise His name. I will remind my soul that He has never lost a battle, and He never will.

This song is so encouraging! Take a few minutes to listen and meditate on the truth that He has never ever lost a battle and He never will

Dear Heavenly Father,

Come Lord and strengthen your people for the battles that are waged against them. Refresh us when we are weary. Equip us for each battle with Heavenly weapons. Send angels to battle on our behalf. Lord, we place our trust in You. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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9 thoughts on “Have you experienced a surprise enemy attack?

  1. Stay the course is a phrase I tell myself when it seems I am under attack- stay the course meaning pray and confess it to Jesus, press on with what Jesus has shown me to do because by doing so I do not give in to fear, pray, pray, pray.

    1. Ooooh great words of advice my big brother in Christ! – Stay the course, press on, don’t give in to fear, and pray, pray, pray. Thank you so much!

  2. The enemy turns up the heat whenever a believer is making strides in the Lord and as you have correctly stated, prior to some sort of breakthrough for the individual and the Kingdom. Thank you for sharing this as you have pressed through. I will be praying for God to keep you and your family closer than ever.
    He is faithful! I have seen it in my own life. As I was about to step into fulltime ministry, our youngest child declared that she was now transgender. As you might imagine, there was much conflict with this announcement. Through fervent prayer and God’s faithfulness, my wife Betsy and I have been able to maintain relationship with our youngest and in many ways we are closer than ever. We have learned to love/accept our child as is without any compromise on our part. I believe that God has led us to this point so that we may be witnesses of His unconditional love to our youngest.
    Pastor Chuck

    1. Wow Pastor Chuck. Thank you! Thank you for your honest testimony. This attack is concerning one of my children and it hurts so badly. It’s one thing to be personally attacked by the enemy, but it’s a whole new level when he tries to work by attacking our precious children. Thank you for sharing. I pray to do the same as you and your wife. Just show the unconditional love of Christ. God is good and so faithful. And thank you for praying for us. That is so appreciated and the most powerful thing we can do! 🙂 Vanessa

  3. Stay close to Him & He will give you the tools to fight the upcoming battles. In my experience, Satan watches for when we are on a spiritual high & out defenses are down & then he does a sneak attack that wreaks havoc on our lives.

    1. Thank you! Stay close. Yes, great advice and wisdom in that! When we are close to Jesus we are safe under the shadow of His Wings. And your experience seems to match mine. It can be intimidating and a bit scary unless we just saturate ourselves in the truth of God’s Word and His promises. We are victorious because of Him. Thank you my friend! 🙂

  4. A graceful share on this ma’am. The devil likes to sneak up, on us. But thank God we have a father who is never sleeping nor slumbering. And He is our victory.
    We would keep moving and confessing His words. It is ever alive, active, and sharp!

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