Because of Jesus, Death is not the Final Word.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and receive afresh what the Lord has set before you.

Every day God has something for you. He has a fresh dose of compassion and mercy and grace for you. Whatever lies ahead for the day, there is enough grace from God to sustain you through it.

It’s been a difficult few days. I hope to articulate fully what is on my heart.

My beautiful, kind, gentle neighbor went to be with Jesus. He transitioned from his earthly home right into the arms of a loving Savior. And that is the truth of what followers of Jesus hold fast to, that when a believer of Jesus Christ, passes away on earth, they are victorious over death because of what Jesus accomplished through his life, death, and resurrection.

Because Jesus conquered over even death itself, we have been given salvation and eternal life in communion with the Lord, the Giver of Life.

So this changes what death means. Instead of it being the final word on a believer’s life, it is the beginning of new life in full connection with our Lord. It is a transition and a cause to celebrate because there is fullness of joy in the Presence of the Lord.

Yet, because our feet are planted here on earth, we sometimes struggle with what feels like the finality of death.

We mourn, we hurt, we want to change it, avoid it, flee from it, deny it, and hide from it.

But death is NOT final. It is transition from death on earth to life eternally with the One who created us.

When I received the news of the passing of my neighbor, I felt a wide range of emotions from shock to denial to deep sadness and in complete honesty, I questioned God. I asked Him the famous question, “Why?”

And then I took my own advice that I have offered to friends who have asked hard questions about faith and God and why. I have often told people close to me and also blogged about taking the hardest of questions straight to the throne room of the Lord. We have access there through prayer because of what Jesus did!

We can boldly and confidently come to the Lord of the whole Universe and ask Him the hard stuff. And it’s important that we do, because if we don’t bring our struggles and doubts to Him so that He can touch them with His brilliant light, they can become strongholds of doubt, shame, fear, or other things that can strangle our faith.

So I went to the Lord and I cried. I cried and I cried and I asked really hard questions. I laid every hurt bare as I prayed.

And friends, He answered! My dear friend sent me a scripture that was so beautiful, and so needed in just the moment.

My beautiful neighbor’s passing did not go unnoticed by God. The Lord did not forsake him. Instead, He preciously looked upon him and welcomed him into life.

And then, as I read that verse, I read all of Psalm 116, and began to feel encouraged.

And then as I prayed, I felt inclined to pick up my pen and write. As I wrote, the Holy Spirit comforted me with these words:

Am I not in charge of death and life, arising and sleeping, health and sickness?

Are not all your days numbered? Jackie’s name is written in the book of life. His salvation is secure. This is a day of mourning on earth and a day of celebration in heaven. Some burdens are not yours. This is one. Take Me at my Word and place your FULL trust in Me. I had him in my arms the whole time. My will prevails. It was time to draw him home. He is Mine. You are mine.

And friends, I felt so encouraged and lifted up. A gentle peace filled my spirit, and I just knew all was well and there was fullness of joy in heaven when my sweet neighbor was recieved into heaven.

But the struggle here on earth is to learn to see past what is happening on the earth which is all temporary anyway, and instead fix our eyes on what is happening in the kingdom of God which is eternal.

And as I pressed in to Jesus over the last few days, God has been revealing Himself to me as the God of mercy.

He is full of compassion and ready to turn His ear toward you when you call on Him.

He has promised to never leave us, never forsake us. He has been revealing Himself to His people since He created humans in His image. All through the bible from Old Testament to the New Testament, He is drawing His people towards Him with comfort, compassion, mercy, strengthening, anointing, provision, and grace to go forth and do what He has called them to do.

Here is a beautiful comfort from Isaiah 54. It reminds me personally that even when the world around me changes, shifts, and quakes, I will not be moved because the Lord will keep His promise to keep me in perfect peace because of His compassion for me.

So whatever your need is today, run to the Father. Find a way to withdraw from all the noise, and get into a solitude place with just you and the Lord. He has something for you there. He has special revelations to give you. He has reassurance for your future. He has new strength to pour into your weary spirit. He has new wine for your vessel. He has new provision for the empty space. He has all you need just waiting to give to your surrendered heart and open hands.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for a new strengthening of Your people. That believers across the globe would learn to run to You with every hurt, every struggle, every loss, and even our doubts. Lord, teach us to let You have the final say instead of depending on what we see as the final word. You are goooood, and we honor Your Holy Name. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

14 thoughts on “Because of Jesus, Death is not the Final Word.

  1. Beautiful Vanessa, thank you for sharing your heart with us. Death is rarely easy, even for those of us who know the truth of which you have written.
    The story of my fervent prayers for my Dad might bring some more comfort to you and anyone reading who is feeling the pain of loss. Did the email I sent you with that particular blog ever get to you?
    Pastor Chuck

    1. Yes Pastor Chuck! Your testimony of your dad and how God worked through you and answered your prayers even when it looked different than you expected the answer to look. I was so encouraged by your story. I believe you and Matt both led your fathers to Christ. Your stories are different and yet similar in some ways. Such a beautiful example of how God’s ways are so much higher than our ways.

    1. I pray it reminds others to remember the victory we have over death because of Christ and what He did for us so that even death can not hold a believer in Jesus.

  2. The death of Christian is precious in the eyes of Jesus because we come home to him. The whole reason he came was so that we could have eternity with him.

    Little sister may God comfort you and your family at this time and comfort the family of your dear friend.

    One day you will see your friend again 🙂

  3. A big hug to you. Glad God came through for you, as He always does to give us the needed comfort we need to get by, our tough times. The Lord is for us always.
    Be encouraged ma’am. Greetings to the family. 🤗

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