Sweet Encouragement!

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and walk like Jesus.

A new day to be the reason someone feels loved.

A new day to share a kind gesture.

A new day to message or call someone special.

A new day to send a card.

A new day to let someone know you are thinking of them.

A new day to chat with a neighbor.

A new day to invite someone to meet you at church tomorrow.

A new day to send a small gift through Amazon.

A new day to pay for someone’s coffee or meal through a drive through.

A new day to intentionally encourage someone else’s walk with Jesus!

These little encouraging gestures can seem so small, but make all the difference.

I love to make people feel loved, encouraged, built up in their faith, acknowledged, and seen. It brings me great joy to love on others.

And it is so humbling when I am on the receiving end.

This beautiful treasure was placed in my mailbox at work, and now I wear it on my lanyard. Thank you to my sweet friend who secretly placed it there. It made my day!!!

And this precious card was in my mailbox from my prayer partner! We have a prayer group at school that meets weekly and prays for our school, our staff, our students, their families, and eachother. And we each have a secret prayer partner that we hold up in prayer. Mine surprised me with 2 cards! One is on my desk and here is a pic of the other.

These things uplifted my spirit and seemed to appear at just the right moment.

We can be the vessels for Holy Spirit to minister and encourage others even through small, random acts of kindness.

Ask the Holy Spirit who needs your encouragement today. Be ready to hear names and possibly even instructions.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Show us how to love like You. Let everything we do be out of a place of love. Show us who needs a kind word, an extra prayer, a card, a message, an uplifting phone call. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

8 thoughts on “Sweet Encouragement!

  1. What special ladies you have in your life. I know that you are a blessing to them, just as they are to you.

    I have a friend who loves to send “happy mail” (gifts “just because”). It truly makes me feel special when a package arrives from her.

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