A favorite pastime

Hi my gorgeous friends!

We took a day trip yesterday to Busch Gardens and met up with my sister. It was a fun day of roller coasters and hanging out animal watching.

Today, we have the day off of school, so I am cooking and prepping for the week. As Nia and I cook and prepare salsa, I realized that I haven’t blogged much if at all about how much I love to cook.

My goal is to eventually blog some of my favorite recipes so that I have them documented somewhere. I don’t have any recipes written down, so blogging would be a cool way to share them with my family and friends when they ask for a recipe.

It would also force me to get the measurements recorded. One of my best friends and I cook together quite often, and we laugh about how I just “eyeball” everything.

Today, I am making my mom’s chicken soup.

And also corn salsa for our bible study group tonight.

Here is Nia eating the cilantro!

So, maybe in 2021 or maybe as we head into the holidays, I will venture into blogging a few favorite recipes.

Happy Monday to all of you! Here’s to a blessed and bold week ahead!


9 thoughts on “A favorite pastime

  1. Ahh looks fun!
    Great idea with the recipes! I thought of this too for next year. During this past year I have been doing a DIY craft each month but I was thinking for next year to switch to one recipe each month instead. …I also eyeball my ingredients 😉

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