Returning to our first Love

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start.

A new day to rise and draw near to Jesus.

A new day to ask Him to be King in your life.

A new day to shift Him back up to His rightful seat of highest honor in your life.

A new day to pursue Him and spend time with Him.

A new day to ask Him to reignite the passion in your heart for Him..

A new day to ask Holy Spirit if anything in your life has crept into the space in your heart where Jesus belongs.

He desires and even demands to be your first love. That you would love Him with your whole heart, your whole mind, and your whole soul and have no other god, idol, or person, place or thing that is set up in a place higher than your devotion to Him.

If you place anything above God, they don’t receive all that God has for them through proper alignment. I imagine it like a fountain. The cascading kind where it starts at the top and flows down to multiple levels like a chocolate fountain or a champagne fountain. Imagine the flow of how it easily pours from top to bottom and every layer is filled.

When God is at the very top, His glory and blessing pour out and onto to you filling you to overflow and then it pours down onto your family and your relationships and your time and your talents and your finances and your business. Everything from your children to your spouse to your finances is able to receive the very best because God is pouring into you first and then His blessing is flowing freely through you down to your kids, your loved ones, and everything that else that God has called you to do.

If you move anything above the Lord, it’s now an idol which is a sin and also its above the fountain and can’t recieve the blessing of that flow of blessing, glory, protection, God’s best and perfect way, etc. Anything placed above God in your life is removed from the natural order in which it was to recieve God’s blessing from you.

A relationship placed above God will not be as healthy as a God honoring relationship in the right alignment.

A job placed above God will not receive the full blessing that it could if it were below Him and under His blessing.

Any place where God is not invited to be the very first and highest will lack His full plans for that thing whether it’s our home, our job, our marriage, our children, our friendships, our time, our bank accounts, etc.

He desires your full affection, your full attention, and your undivided heart.

As you shift and move things back to proper alignment, the flow returns.

And the most beautiful part! All we have to do is ask God for His help. When Holy Spirit shows us an area that we have moved above God’s rightful place, we can repent and ask for forgiveness and then simply ask for God to strengthen us and help us to step back into proper alignment.

I am blogging about this because I am praying and working through this with God right now. And He is gentle and merciful.

We are studying Revelations in our Monday night bible study, and we are in the very chapter where Jesus begins to speak strongly to the church. He starts with the church of Ephesus. He commends them for several things. He commends their hard work, their commitment, their solid doctrine, their ability to test false prophets and stay true to God’s Word.

BUT, in all that toil, they have forgotten why they work so hard! They have left their first love: Jesus.

They have lost the fire for Him. They have moved what they are doing for Him and the successes for the kingdom above pure, holy affection for the Lover of their soul.

And at times I have too. At times I have shifted working for God above my time with God. Working for God feels good and is essential, but not at the expense of time WITH God.

He desires my intentional, focused prayers. He desires me to sit with Him and let Him fill me up. He desires to speak to me through focused time in His Word. Time set aside just for Him separate from blogging or multitasking. Just time for Jesus and I to rekindle the love we had at the beginning.

And just like other long lasting relationship, we have to invest time and sincerity into it to keep it alive and growing.

And another beautiful thing! God doesn’t move away from us ever! If He feels far away in a season, sometimes we have moved away or we have let busyness creep in and take over.

Returning is as simple as turning to God and sharing our hearts. So that’s where I’ve been spiritually the last few days. I’ve been returning my whole heart and my affections back to the Lord. Asking for forgiveness for spaces that I have allowed to move out of alignment, and asking the Lord to reorganize and place things back in their proper spaces. He has flooded in and filled me with such peace and joy as He gently works in my life.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We invite You to come and shift and align our hearts back to You. Lord, open our eyes and our ears to see and hear the spaces that have been moved above You. Lord, move them gently back under You and into their rightful place. Let nothing, not one thing be moved above our affection for You. Lord, reveal to us how to return fully and completely and with an undivided heart to You and Your ways. Let Your Perfect ways be fulfilled in our lives. Let our hearts be set ablaze for You and Your decrees and Your desires and Your plans. Let us hear what You are saying in the Present age and go forth anointed and courageous because You are set first in our lives and everything in our hands has been secured there by You. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

6 thoughts on “Returning to our first Love

  1. Praise the Lord! This resonates well. This was all my family learned during devotion time this week. He wants all of us- spirit, soul and body. I believe this is also God’s message to the Church this season. God help us!

  2. Such an important truth and reminder!! It’s so easy (and Satan’s desire) for us to mix up the order in putting God before all else…but through Him we are able!!! With daily prayer, devotion, and self control we have the choice to get this right!!!

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