You are an heir with a rich inheritance.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and move as anointed daughters and sons of the Most High King.

We are royal children with a rich inheritance.

You can rest assured that you have access to rights and privileges and certain protections because of your status as God’s own children.

The Lord of the Universe, the One who spoke the world right into existence, the One who fashioned men and women in His own image, the One who sustains all things and continues to cause the sun to rise, that Lord has also chosen you.

He has preplanned you, formed you, and chosen you. He placed your physical body in this very time in history with a specific purpose in mind and He also chose you spiritually to be adopted as a son or daughter with full rights to a royal inheritance!

When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you become a co-heir with Christ. Your status is elevated to one of divine royalty, not because of a single thing you’ve done to earn it, but because of the radical love of the Lord who designed a plan of redemption for His people.

This means that because of the love and sacrifice of Jesus, you and I have been given gifts that far surpass our understanding.

But its valuable and important to try to understand as much as we can of what we have been given. As we search the scriptures and read what our inheritance is and what the Lord has given to us, it is humbling. He has given us both an incredible inheritance NOW and also an eternal inheritance that will last forever and never see decay.

Now on this side of heaven, because of this inheritance, you now have full access to enter the throneroom and speak to the Lord. You can freely speak and share and communicate with Him as your Father rather than a far off King.

Another part of our inheritance is the seal of the Holy Spirit! The Lord isn’t just waiting until you get to heaven to bless you, although there are treasures awaiting the followers of Jesus Christ in heaven.

There is blessing, power, and abundant life available to you right here and now even while your feet stand on earth.

You can speak to mountains with boldness and expect victory.

You can worship the Lord and expect that He will inhabit your praises.

You can tell darkness to flee from you in the name of Jesus, and it must obey.

You can call on the name of Jesus to heal, to bind up sickness, to bring about breakthrough, and to bring victory, and you can trust that God will move. He will work in the areas that you invite Him into.

The Holy Spirit is your Holy Inheritance now! And the Holy Spirit enables you to walk in the earth as Jesus did. Fully equipped to walk in power and performing every good work that God has called you to!

This is a tall order, but remember it’s not you alone, its God dwelling inside fo you working through you as you just lean on Him and trust Him and continually call on His Name.

What a promise! What a great and beautiful truth to meditate on this morning!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for our Holy inheritance that we didn’t earn and we don’t deserve. You have chosen us by Your grace and Your mercy. You are a good, good Father who desires us to walk fully equipped and fully aware of the power You have entrusted to us. May we use the gifts You have bestowed upon us to do Your will in the earth. Let us walk with an awareness of our holy position so that we can accomplish all that You have assigned us to do.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

8 thoughts on “You are an heir with a rich inheritance.

  1. I seem to have missed the next memory verses, Vanessa? For this week? No pressure, just I thought you posted them Sunday/Monday? Not sure how I missed it cos I was looking out for them.

  2. An unimaginable inheritance and that from an adoptive Dad! How blessed we are to be taken into His family simply because He loves us and desires relationship with us.
    An inspiring post Vanessa, thank you!
    Pastor Chuck

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