Countdown to Christmas: 25 Days

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. All things are becoming new again. A new refreshing and new equipping. A new grace to do what we have been called to do is here.

Grace is so multifaceted, and I have written extensively about the access we have to grace. One of the facets of this beautiful grace is that it is the divine enablement to do things that we could never accomplish alone apart from the Holy Spirit. But with Him, nothing shall be impossible.

With Him, I can rise.

With Him, I can do hard things.

With Him, I can keep on going.

With Him, I am brave and bold.

With Him, I am strong.

With Him, I am protected.

With Him, I am wise.

With Him, I am saved and set free.

With Him, I am filled to overflow.

With Him, I am alive in Christ.

With Him, I am the walking talking temple of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit now resides on the inside of men and women who put their trust in Jesus.

The Holy Spirit who under the Old Covenant between man and God dwelled in the Holy of Holies in the temple and was not accessible except for once a year by the high priest after the sacrifice of the unblemished lamb.

Now, because of Jesus who loved us so much that He left his seat on High, we are able to be walking, talking temples of the Lord.

Jesus became the unblemished lamb once and for all of mankind and gave himself so that we can live in constant communion and relationship with Him.

And though the arrival of Jesus was part of God’s redemption plan since the beginning. And even though, the birth of Jesus was prophesied about many times in the Old Testament, we mark the beginning of the fulfillment of promise with what we can see, which is His divine birth into the earth.

The plan was in motion long before His arrival on earth through the Virgin Mary. Yet, it was at this God appointed time, that everything was changing, shifting. The world was getting the most beautiful gift of all time. There would be none greater than the redemption story of man. And we see the miracle begin with the Lord’s beautiful, mysterious, humble approach of being born as a baby.

It is because of the Lord’s birth, death, and resurrection that we are equipped this very day to do whatever we are called to do. Because of a divine birth over 2,000 years ago, we are able to walk right in step with the Lord and call on His name any time day or night.

So today, rise tall. Rise boldly. Rise and be filled. Rise and walk out this day trusting that because of Jesus, you can do anything. The impossible is now possible.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am marvelling afresh this morning at the gospel. I am amazed by Your choice of entrance into the earth as a baby. You could have entered the earth in any form, and you came in the same constraints of the human body that we experience each day. And yet, with your gift, you empowered us to live beyond the constraints of our human body. We can work miracles. We can be free from the power of sin. We can move and impact the world because we have Your Power on the inside of us waiting to be used in bold faith. Thank You Jesus for loving us so passionately and completely. Let us honor you with our lives today. Equip us to do each thing You’ve called us to.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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