Countdown to Christmas: 24 Days

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start, and a beautiful time of reflection as we eagerly anticipate our Lord Jesus.

Advent is upon us, and I am digging in deeper to advent than I ever have before. I don’t have much background on the traditions of advent. I know there are many beautiful ways that churches and families choose to celebrate advent.

For me in the past, advent was just another word weaved into the Christmas season. I didn’t study the word advent or attend a church that really focused heavily on the traditions of advent. We focused on Jesus and His birth, but this year feels different.

I feel a call on my heart to pause, slow down, linger a bit, and meditate on advent.

Advent simply put is the hope and expectation of Jesus! It is anticipation of the fulfillment of God’s promises. Can you imagine God being silent for over 400 years? No recorded words or direct prophecies, no Holy Spirit visitations, silence in the earth.

That sounds dreadful to me. I can’t imagine God being silent that long, because I live in a time after Jesus and because of His lifting of the veil, I can speak freely to God anytime I desire and often times, He speaks back!

But that was not so in the centuries between the last book of the Old Testament and the beginning of the New Testament. God wasn’t speaking anything new in that season that is recorded in the Bible.

But there were many prophecies that His people were clinging to in that period of the dark.

They were holding dear to verses from Isaiah that said:

And also that said:

It was even prophesied that He would be afflicted and hurt to save His people.

They were waiting for the king to arrive that was prophesied to David’s son, King Solomon.

So the Israelites were waiting and waiting for these things to come to pass.

This was a time of governmental oppression and the Israelites no longer had an earthly kingdom or king over them. They were subjects of the Roman Government.

And they were clinging to these prophesies and waiting expectantly for Jesus.

It was quiet and there was no new sign, no new prophesy, until Suddenly!

And that suddenly moment was when the angel appeared to Zacharius and told him that his elderly wife would become pregnant and bear a son who would pave a way for the Messiah Himself!

And from that moment forward, things started unraveling and unfolding quickly.

Like a large boulder rolling downhill and gaining momentum, Jesus was coming and coming fast! And the world would never ever relate to their Lord the same again.

Walls would tumble, strongholds would be broken, blind men would see, angels would appear often, deaf ears would be opened, battles for the kingdom would be waged and won, demons cast out, and death itself would lose its power over all who called on the name of Jesus!

That’s what advent means to me this Christmas Season. Intentionally turning my eyes back to Jesus and celebrating the fulfillment of God’s promises when He left His seat on High and entered humanity fully God and fully human as the ultimate act of love.

So, in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, I will study and meditate and write about Jesus, and what it means to live in this current age where many of the promises of God have been fulfilled and we have access to recieve them, and also what we still eagerly await to be fulfilled.

Now, we celebrate the arrival of Jesus and we also expectantly await the return of Christ the Lord.

The next Suddenly moment when just like the angel Suddenly appeared after what seemed like an eternity of silence to Zecharias, the Lord will appear again.

He will again break forth and shake the world. This time to fulfill all of prophecy. He’s done it before, and He will do it again! Jesus is coming again, and not in the form of a baby, but now as King of all Kings ready to establish a kingdom to which there will be no end.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Captivate our hearts this Christmas Season. Prepare them to recieve the good news of Jesus Christ afresh and anew. Help us to behold Him in awe and wonder. Let us celebrate His birth with amazement and also live with the urgency that You are returning as King.

In Jesus’s mighty and holy name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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