Are you Hungry?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and choose to feast on the only meal that can give you life and life abundantly.

There is a meal available that will fill you to full measure.

A meal that can heal your body, and give you a renewed vision.

A meal that can restore your mind, and make all things new.

A meal that can set you on the path to life.

A meal that can bring clarity where there used to be fog.

A meal that can align, set free, and set right.

A meal that when feasted on can remove cravings and break chains of addiction.

A meal that fills and restores and regenerates the spirit.

A meal that makes all other meals pale in comparison.

A meal that is life giving, life sustaining, and life honoring.

A meal that cleanses and a meal that has power and might to make darkness flee far from you.

A meal that is both live giving to the one who partakes and also a powerful weapon to slay and defeat those that come against.

A meal you can use for nourishment and also defense against the enemy and his sneaky tactics.

A meal that will change your life, change your heart, sustain your daily needs, and fill you to full measure with a light that has the power to make darkness tremble and flee from you.

This meal is the partaking of your daily bread.

The daily feasting on the Word of God which is a lamp unto your feet.

A bread of life that man needs for abundant living.

A living, breathing life giving Word that is also a weapon ready to go forth and protect you.

Jesus used the Word to make the enemy leave him hastily!

Jesus used the Word to make his enemies speechless as they attacked Him and tried to trick him again and again.

Jesus used the Word as a source of life.

And in the opening line in the gospel of John, Jesus is called the Word.

As you read the Word, you are partaking of all that Jesus has for you. You are in a posture to receive from Jesus all of the promises written in the scriptures.

The meal of the Word is meant to be a continual feast eaten daily or even better several times a day.

And just as you get hungry a few hours after a physical meal, so does our body crave the Word a few hours after a spiritual meal.

Yet, instead of turning to the Word each time we need a midday snack, we get our fill from the desserts of life like social media, approval of friends, or task completions.

None of these things are bad things, but they are not sources of life. They will not fill you or sustain you. They are like eating a donut for lunch.

Instead have your fill of a fresh Word midday. Read a chapter of the Bible, play some worship music, pray for awhile, and then spend a few minutes chatting with friends or scrolling social media.

Be filled with your life source first, and then head to empty calories.

If you mix the order, you may feel:

Full, but empty.

Overstimulated, yet tired.

Surrounded, but lonely.

You are in need of heavy doses of peace, joy, hope, and unconditional love, but when seeking these things I’m all the wrong places, instead we are: anxious, on edge, envious, depressed, and constantly seeking more input.

Like a body trying to surivive on dessert, so is your spirit trying to survive on constant worldly input.

Let us learn to stop morning, noon, and night, and have a spiritual meal that is life giving and fills up the empty parts of our soul.

If we begin to eat the Bible like we partake of TV, Social Media, and other stimulus, our hearts will be full, our perspectives will be clear, and our chains will be broken off.

The Word has that much power and even more! It is life itself.

And the more you feast, your appetite will change and hunger and thirst for it even more.

What you eat, you will crave and desire.

Time with Jesus and Time in His God breathed Word will give you everything you need for abundant living in the spirit.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Make us a people hungry for life sustaining food. Supercharge our appetites for Your Word and all of the things found in Your Word. Lord, open our hearts afresh and let us desire You and the Words spoken by You in deeper measure. You are the way, the truth, and the life. Let us spend our days feasting on You and Your Precious Word so that we may be well equipped for every good work You call us to and that we may be ready to speak the truth in any hour of trial or tribulation. Lord, strengthen us for what lies ahead. Make us strong and courageous partakers of the Word.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and abundance,

Vanessa Lynn

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  1. Amen!!! Beautiful prayer also!! I can wholeheartedly say I feel soooo much better after filling up on Jesus’ word…when I give way to tv, Google, social media etc it leaves me feeling disappointed over the amount of time wasted or feelings of envy that rise….there’s no better satisfaction then the fulfillment of Him!!!

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