Week 8: Memory Verses

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh beginning. A new start.

Here are the next two memory verses.

The theme for this week is: sin’s penalty.

The verses remind us of our rightful punishment which is judgement and death.

However, since we know the whole story! We can rejoice that we serve such a merciful, compassionate Lord that He Himself took our punishment on Himself. That He is the One who made a way for us.

So as you memorize these scriptures, let them just remind you that even though our just punishment is death, we will never experience death’s permanent sting. We will close our eyes here on earth and be reunited with our Lord.

Verse 1:

And the memory tool:

For the second verse, the Navigator’s Tool had just one as the memory verse, but if you add the next verse after it you get the whole picture. So even though that makes this verse pretty long to memorize, you get the promise included.

The promise of salvation!

And Verse 2:

And the memory tool!

I pray these verses and the daily time you spend studying them bless you and remind you that the Lord has given you the ultimate gift of eternal life with Him!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Store these verses up in our hearts so that we have the truth of Your Word alive and on the inside of us. Strengthen our spirits to memorize the scriptures and help us to recall them when needed to encourage our own soul or someone else in need.

In Jesus’s name,


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