Be Back Soon…..

Hi my Gorgeous Friends in Christ,

My 2021 word for this year is “fervent”. I blogged about my Word here.

As part of my desire to go deeper and after Jesus with fervency, I am going to take 3 weeks to hit the pause button on sharing and publishing any “output”.

Instead, I am imagining this time as a time for “input” from the Lord only.

I am creating space and time for Jesus to speak to me, fill me, maybe break some things off of me, and hopefully heal some spaces.

I am choosing to set my eyes on Him and I feel led to take a 21 day break from all social media and blogging.(I plan to schedule memory verses to still post once a week.)

I believe these days will help me to hear His voice louder than any others.

I am praying that He will give me a greater hunger and thirst for Him and the ways of His kingdom.

I am praying for a refreshing of my spirit. A refueling of my soul.

I want to go after Him like the woman who had seen every doctor to heal her and spent everything she had to get well to no avail. She knew if she could just get to Jesus, He would heal her. I wrote about this woman here.

She pushed through every barrier in her way, pushed through the crowd, pushed through her fears, threw all etiquette out of the window, and chased her Savior.

That’s the way I desire to pursue Him.

And I trust that as I draw near to Him, He will draw nearer to me.

Like if I take a step, He will take two.

If I walk in His direction, He will run toward mine.

I pray to have some beautiful revelations and stories to share with you when I return.

Until then, much love and many blessings!

And may we all feel His Presence in greater and greater measure as we choose Him daily.

Vanessa Lynn

5 thoughts on “Be Back Soon…..

  1. God bless you in your 21 days of fasting social media and blogging. May you come out on the other side, refreshed, refueled, and in deeper faith, love, and trust of Him. Hallelujah!

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