Power of Pentacost!

Tonight, I’ll be teaching on the POWER of PENTACOST!

We will study parts of the life of Peter to see how the Holy Spirit Outpouring Changes EVERYTHING!

We will go after deliverance from disappointment and grieving the lost dreams of how it was supposed to look.

Look at the scriptures to reveal what is possible through Holy Spirit!

✝️Dream Transplants
✝️Moving in the “Impossible”
✝️Ministry to groups of people you never thought possible
✝️And prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and a fresh fire to move ahead in God’s call on your life!

Invite a friend to our group so they can grow with us!!!

At this time, all teachings are only in Good Morning Gorgeous. You must be in our group to view them or interact. It’s a safe place for us to learn, grow, and share!!


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